Preserved Meyer Lemons

November 1, 2008.   1 Comments.   Categories Moroccan, Vegetarian.  

This sounds so good – It was worth the post. My friend Caron Golden – a food, grocery and restaurant critic in San Diego shared this with me.
She also has a fabulous blog worth checking out called!
From Kitty Morse’s Cooking at the Casbah.
Sea salt, lemons, sterilized qt.jars.
Slice off tips of lemons.
Cut vertically 3/4 down, turn over & cut 3/4 down 90 degrees from cut on other side.
Stuff each cut w/salt.
Place in jar and keep doing w/lemons, squishing down until there’s no more room and juice covers lemons.
Then screw on top.
Leave on counter for at least 4 weeks, adding more lemons as the ones in jar collapse.

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  1. Wow, Laura. That was quick! Congratulations on the blog. Now you need to get on Twitter and join the hordes, meet other food bloggers. Lots of great folks!

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