Grandma Dave’s Burdock Root Salad with Scallions & Cilantro

April 25, 2009.   1 Comments.   Categories Asian, Chef David Wells, Contributing Chefs, Light / Healthy, Salads, Vegetarian.  


Burdock Root Salad with Scallions & Cilantro

Submitted by:

David Wells, Chef / Nutracoach


1/2 cup seasoned rice vinegar

one thick Burdock root julienned (usually 4-5″ long and 1″ diameter

Peel skin off and julienne right into the vinegar to stop oxidation)

1/2 bunch Scallions thinly sliced on a bias

1 Tablespoons toatsed light and dark sesame seeds

1/2 bunch fresh cilantro chopped

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  1. How does this relate to one of the other stories? Maybe I’m blind… because I could’ve been on a differnet page. lol Nevermind. At any rate, it was a solid post. Cya
    Janet Jenkins
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