Zoe Bakes… The Ultimate Carrot Cake

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Zoe Bakes … The Ultimate Carrot Cake

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I have always believed that in life, there are cooks and there are bakers.  I love to cook and I must admit, baking has always intimidated me.  So when I come across someone who is truly a master baker and creative artist… I admire that talent.  Zoe Francois is one to admire.  She has a simply wonderful blog www.zoebakes.com that is so friendly and informative with marvelous recipes that I was immediately transported to an alternate universe where I felt like I could be a master baker!  Zoe’s new book, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day has been getting rave reviews for wonderful homemade bread that is so easy to make “It almost bakes itself.”

Carrot cake is one of my very favorite deserts.  I rarely find a recipe worthy of consideration as I am a true carrot cake snob.  In my quest for the ultimate carrot cake recipe, I happened across Zoe’s website.  My search was over.  Ironically, I was very familiar with Zoe’s website and wasn’t that surprised the ultimate recipe would be shared by her.  She was thoughtful enough to allow me to link her recipe to my website.

This is just a sample of how remarkable her recipes are and I encourage you to visit her website to see her other beautiful and delicious creations.

And if you love cookbooks like I do.. please purchase her book through Amazon at this link

For the Ultimate Carrot Cake Recipe including a detailed step-by-step process and photos…. click here

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  1. Wow that picture looks decadent. The version of carrot cake I usually bake is a little different but that picture sold me – i have to try this version :)

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