Zoe Bakes . . . Red Velvet Birthday Cake

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Zoe’s Red Velvet Birthday Cake

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Once again, Zoe from www.zoebakes.com is a mind reader.  A few months ago she did it with the Ultimate Carrot Cake Recipe… and now it’s birthday cake.  Just yesterday I was discussing cakes with a friend and it made me wonder where I could find unique birthday recipes.  Suddenly…. there it was…. right on my Facebook page.  Zoe posted a link to her beautiful Red Velvet Birthday cake recipe which included a stunning basket-weave frosting.


If you haven’t booked marked her blog at www.zoebakes.com please do it.  She takes the time to break down each recipe’s method in thoughtful detail and mouth-watering step-by-step photos worthy of a coffee table book.

For Zoe’s Red Velvet Birthday Cake Recipe….. Click Here

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  1. All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much. One of my favorite birthday quote.

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