Campbell’s “Simple Sunday Suppers” Charity Contest

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Campbell’s Simple Sunday Suppers Charity Contest

If you have been reading my blog, you know that I enjoy contests for charity.  It’s a fun way to get involved with great causes while working with my favorite food bloggers around the country. 

Recently and teamed up to create another charity contest opportunity. They asked five of the nation’s top food bloggers to come up with a recipe using one of Campbell’s Condensed “Great for Cooking” Soups.  Good Bite put together a video series showcasing the preparation of the recipes.  Viewers may vote for their favorite recipe (or food blogger.)  The winning blogger will donate $1,000 to their favorite charity.

My recipe – California Coq Au Vin, I decided to use Campbell’s Chicken Broth and my California Coq Au Vin… truly one of my favorite Simple Sunday Suppers.  You can watch my video below… To vote for my recipe please visit and vote while watching so you can help my charity win $1,000!

My charity – Food For The Poor:
 We’ve all seen the horrors of the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. FFTP has been helping the children of this already impoverished country for many years. They provide whatever is needed on an emergency level, but they also focus on providing good housing and education that gives these families the tools to strive for a much better way of life.  Forbes Magazine reported that Food for the Poor has the most impressive financial commitment ratio compared to all other large charities . . . 97% of what is donated is actually used towards the charitable expenses instead of administrative costs and salaries.  So please vote for my recipe so that I can donate $1,000 to the children of Haiti.


  1. Thank you Lori!! I appreciate the votes and would love to see FFTP get the money. As you know they have been focused on the children of Haiti for so many years…. good people doing great work.

  2. I saw your video on, the coq au vin looks great. Food For The Poor is one of my charities…good luck in the contest! I voted for you!

  3. Hey Laura! Fun idea and a great cause. I definitely want to vote for your recipe. But, the imbedded video isn’t showing up. Can you fix it? Thanks.

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