Quaker – Create Your Day Charity Drive for Share Your Strength

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 Quaker and Goodbite.com Team Up to Raise Money for Share Your Strength

As you probably know, I recently won a contest with Quaker Oats.  The prize was the best part… $10,000 was donated to Food For The Poor for the children of Haiti.  This was before the earthquake that devastated that region.  So, when Quaker and Good Bite asked if I would participate in another contest for charity – I jumped at the chance.  And this time those who benefit from this one live a little closer to home…. right here in the United States.

soshome.gifShare Your Strength is not just a charity organization…. it’s a movement to stomp out childhood hunger in the United States.  We live in the land of dreams.  America offers more opportunity than any other country in the world.  Yet, we have kids who are hungry.  It’s just not right.  It’s even worse today in this bad economy.  Not only are families struggling more, but good charities are having a harder time raising money to help them.

Good Bite and Quaker came up with a fun way to raise funds for Share Your Strength.  Quaker created a fun website  QuakerOats.com/CreateYourDay where you can create your own oatmeal creation.  For every bowl of oatmeal created on this site, GoodBite.com & Quaker will donate $1.00 to “Share Our Strength”, a charity dedicated to ending childhood hunger, up to $25,000.  This goal is no small feat, but with your help we can do it.  $25,000 will go a long way to helping Share Our Strength continue their important work.

Several of the nation’s top food bloggers were asked to participate in this very worthy cause. You can watch my video below and see David Lawrence introducing me to a new oatmeal creation to help “Create My Day”.

I encourage all of you to visit QuakerOats.com/CreateYourDay and make your own oatmeal creation.  And please… share with your family and friends!!  It only takes a couple of minutes…. It’s fun…. you’ll be supporting a great cause…. and it won’t cost you a cent!! 

So, please go “Create Your Day” and let’s help Good Bite and Quaker reach their goal of raising $25,000 for Share Your Strength. 

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