Hyundai Appetite For Adventure – Cumin Seed

May 4, 2010.   0 Comments.   Categories Comfort Food, From  

Good Bite is at it again!  They challenged me to participate in Chef David Lawrence’s campaign with Hyundai called “Appetite for Adventure.”  In this series, 8 bloggers were given a recipe challenge to come up with a dish using a specific “adventurous” ingredient.  My ingredient was whole cumin seed.  Fortunately, I use whole cumin all the time… in fact I never buy the pre-ground stuff in the jars at the grocery store.

Check out this video and see my Chile-Cumin Marinated Skirt Steak Taco recipe I came up with for Appetite for Adventure!


Recipe correction: At the beginning of the video, Chef Dave is shown toasting fresh peppers… please refer to the written recipe on – the marinade for the skirt steak uses dried then toasted Cascabel and Guajillo chiles, not fresh.

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