Paula Deen’s Real Women of Philadelphia – Recipe Contest!

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Paula Deen’s Real Women of Philadelphia – Recipe Contest!

Just over two weeks ago, Paula Deen announced the four winners of the Real Women of Philadelphia contest!  After receiving nearly 6,000 video entries from all over the country the choice was tough. There were so many talented ladies all over the country but these four rose to the top! Each of them won $25,000 and will help Paula create a cookbook featuring recipes using Philadelphia Cream Cheese.  What’s really exciting is they are going to help facilitate a new recipe contest that you can enter…. but first…meet the new Real Women of Philadelphia!

Mandy Heaston, Side Dish Host
Mandy is from Seattle Washington and loves to cook with her three daughters at home.  Her blog says it all… Her passion is to figure out ways to make gourmet inspired meals while managing a busy mom’s schedule.
Caryn Ross, Appetizer Host
This Oklahoma lady is full of personality and sass!  She and her husband of 17 years love to spend time with their two kids on their boat and have an unbridled love of food and cooking!
KC Quaretti-Lee, Dessert Host
KC lives in sunny Florida and is very active in her community of Venice.  In addition to being an avid volunteer, she’s also involved in the redevelopment of her downtown area. She spends her time with her husband and daughter as well as in the kitchen!
Sheila Cutchlow, Entree Host
Sheila is from Washington DC and is very active in addition being a great cook.  Her dream is to switch careers into the culinary world.  I really enjoyed watching her very emotional winning moment that even had Paula in tears!

Enter the Contest!
Here’s the fun part! The contest and this fun cooking community is just getting started!  You can submit your own original recipe using Philly Cream Cheese and have the chance to win $500….. not just once…. but one recipe will be chosen each day to win $500!  What’s even better is all of the chosen recipes will have a chance to be included in the upcoming Real Women of Philadelphia Cookbook!
Every week for the next 16 weeks… one of the four winning hosts will give you a recipe theme.  This week’s theme is Time Crunch – Side Dish.  Your recipe needs to be just right for those moments when you just don’t have enough time in the day.  It needs to be prepared in 30 minutes or less with 5 ingredients or less.  You can submit as many recipes as you like!  Just submit them to the website – no need for videos this time!  Be sure to them in before 11;59 pm EST, July 25th.  Visit the RWOP official website for all the details.
In fact… visit the website often!  I’ve been impressed with the amazing community that is continually growing on the site.  You may even bump into Paula while visiting!  
Good Luck!

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