Wyatt’s Christmas Cookies

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Wyatt’s Christmas Cookies

2010 marks my son’s 5th Christmas and I’ve been feeling nostalgic about it.  What happened to the era of binkies, cribs and pureed food?  It also made me realize that in the not too distant future, I’ll be looking back wondering what happened to this five year old little boy.  Bottom line:  enjoy each moment. 

We’ve been lucky, there have been lots of wonderful Christmas moments with Wyatt.  Each one is treasured and remembered.  And thankfully each memory can be easily shared with the magic of my Mac computer, digital cameras, YouTube and Facebook.  I decided it would be fun to take a look at his first 5 Christmas’s and share it with him… and the family… and now you!  Making a little video like this is very easy and highly recommended.  Your family will love it and so will your kids.  Wyatt really loved seeing how he’s grown up.  Plus, this was very popular with the grandparents. . .

For us, 2010 is special.  Now that Wyatt is the ripe old age of five… he is able to participate and be more involved in holiday activities. I also believe he is able to remember more so I’m on a mission to make the season special.  Then, he will hopefully grow up with the notion that Christmas is a time to create… to enjoy family traditions… to give back…. and to be thankful for his life and the people in it.

Like many families across the country, this last weekend we made cookies!  Wyatt took this task quite seriously.  Every step was carefully executed as if we were baking for the President.

wyattcookies.jpgAnd he did a great job!

The Vanilla-Almond Sugar Cookies were wonderful.  We used this recipe from Bridget at Bake at 350.  They were very tasty and perfect for decorating!  If you enjoy baking or at least like to fantasize about it… please spend some time on Bridget’s website.  She is truly a master!

I didn’t have everything on hand to make Bridget’s Royal Icing so I just made a simple icing using a few tablespoons of water mixed with powdered sugar then added a touch of lemon zest.  We added just enough water to make the frosting nice and thick so it would be a little hard, not runny. Then I added a bit of food coloring paste to the frosting…. and Viola!

It almost didn’t matter what recipe we used. The important thing was spending the afternoon with Wyatt.  That’s really what making cookies with your kids is all about.

wyattcookie3.jpgOf all the festive baked goods that will come from our kitchen, Wyatt’s Christmas cookies will be the most treasured.

wyattsmilecookies.jpgHappy Holidays!


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  1. Very sweet video — thanks for sharing. Reminds me of how Christmas was when I was a kid 50 years ago. Hmmmm. It’s been a long time.

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