I’m Giving Away an All-Clad Slow Cooker!

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Fall is here! Well, it’s almost here and I’m giving away an All-Clad Slow Cooker! In Colorado the arrival of fall weather is good news after this incredibly hot summer that started with dangerous and destructive fires. The air is cooler, the leaves are just starting to change and football is back! All of this means that I am in a good mood and feel like doing a giveaway! I can’t think of anything better to usher in fall than a new slow cooker from All-Clad.

This slow cooker is fantastic. I have had one for a few years and it produces delicious dishes. I also love the cast insert that you can put right on the stove to brown your meats before cooking them low and slow. The shiny stainless steel finish is so much prettier than those old fashioned slow cookers. I keep mine on the counter for months during the fall and winter soup seasons.

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment in the comments section below and tell me what recipe you would make first in your new All-Clad slow cooker. I’ll select a name at random on Friday, September 14th. Be sure to fill in your first and last name as well as your email address so I can reach you when you win!

Ready…. set….. GO! πŸ˜‰


Thank you to everyone for entering and sharing your slow cooker ideas! I loved reading all the comments and it makes me wish I would win the lottery

so I could give each one of you a new slow cooker! In fact, this was so much fun I promise to give more of these slow cookers away this fall/winter. Due to the

issues with the comments section, I added a second slow cooker to the drawing to make sure everyone had a chance to win.

I randomly selected two winning names – one from these comments and one from the entries on the Facebook fan page.






I will be in touch on Monday via email to arrange shipment of your brand new slow cookers!



Disclaimer: Photo credit: Williams-Sonoma.com. All-Clad and Williams-Sonoma are not affiliated with this giveaway. I will be purchasing this item with my own hard-earned money from Williams-Sonoma and it will be shipped directly to the winner soon after the winning name is randomly selected.


  1. I would make a delicious roast beef with all of the veggies. Love cooking that in a crock pot. Thanks a lot for having this great give-away for someone! Very Special of you to do this.

  2. Stuffed Pepper Soup or Turkey Black Bean Chili! I love them both, and they both freeze well! Love the fact that once you brown the meat, it’s a ‘throw all in the crock pot’ and let it go! YUM!


  4. I would make my famous meatloaf!

  5. I find it funny that the two people to win did not fallow instructions. And that very few did. But these two did
    Doris Merritt September 13, 2012 at 6:51 pm
    I would finally be able to use the slow cooker recipes I have been saving for over 2 yrs or more.I love your soup recipes so I would love to try one in the cooker. THANK YOU FOR THE GIVEAWAY AnD GOOD LUCK EVERYONE

    Kacy Smith September 9, 2012 at 2:39 pm
    *raises hand high* Pick me Pick me!!!!!!! I so need a new crock pot. My knob off my lid broke off and my husband had to rig it with wire. It’s on it’s last leg! And for my first recipe to break it in would definitely have to be the Smokey Red Chili. My husband LOVES this recipe! And you know a happy husband means a happy home! Or is it the other way around? HEE HEE

    • Allen, it says to: To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment in the comments section below and tell me what recipe you would make first in your new All-Clad slow cooker.

      Well, I did just that! I left a comment and said I’d make the Smokey Red Chili that we love at my house. What else was there?


  6. I would make mac and cheese, then in the old ones I would put greens in one and a chicken in the other!

  7. Comment

  8. I would make a wonderful potroast if I won this beautiful crock pot. Mine just recently quit on me so I really need a new one. I really miss it because I like making my bbq ribs, chili, soups, and crock dishes.

  9. entering

    • chicken recipes, pot roast

  10. Chicken and Dumplings πŸ™‚

  11. Roast and potatoes…its my staple when i have to work all day…come home, it smells great and its ready to go, my kids love it too!!

  12. Laura πŸ™‚ Rosemary Chicken With Vegies

  13. I would love to cook your White Chili Recipe. Thank you!

  14. I will be making the delicious spilt pea with ham and bacon soup! Yum! My favorite!

  15. I would close my eyes and pick a recipe from your cookbook. All the receipes are wonderful. Thanks for the change to win a great slow cooker.

  16. I would make an awesome beef stew with it! Mmmm

  17. Cod and chickpeas!

  18. That is a hard decision as I love fixing meals in my slower cooker year round. It would be a toss up between my lasagna or breakfast casserole. Both taste yummmmy made in the slow cooker

  19. Beans with pastrami. I wish Laura can test my dish πŸ™‚

  20. Chili…..

  21. I’ve had my same crockpot since the 70’s time for new one please !
    I’m gonna make pulled pork!! Yum!!

  22. My first thing I would make is a pot of beans.

  23. Chicken and dumplings!

  24. My wife is a wonderful cook. She makes an art of it like you. Friends and family continually invite themselves to dinner. My role in the kitchen is being a devoted husband. I came across your site on Facebook this morning and will share it with her. No doubt she will be delighted. This would be a gift to her. It would support her decision be a housewife and become a mother. The first dish? I will send you a photo and recipe. Thank you for this opportunity!

  25. Chili!!

  26. I would make broccoli cheese soup or bbq pork.

  27. Pork chops, mushroom soup, mushrooms, allspice, green beans, swiss cheese on the top and you have an awesome supper.

  28. I would make sloppy joes!

  29. I would make a pot of split pea soup! Nice crock pot! Mine is falling apart.

  30. It’s Chili time!!

  31. The crockk pot looks beautifull I would make a Apple Pie reciipe that I saw wiith real apples and apple spice with bisquick crust, At Thanksgiving I have all my family at my home and make the meal use the crockpost for cooking parts of the meal and also reheaing. It is my most favorite time of the year we all write on a table cloth what is good about the past year and use the cloth for the next years meal. There are about 14-20 people each year

    • I love the tablecloth idea! Do the children write also? Would you share the aapple recipe?

  32. Soups and stews for cold winter ays.

  33. I have been dying to try turkey chili. Everyone says a slow cooker is the only way. πŸ™‚

  34. I would make funky lamb shanks in a mushroom gravy.

  35. I would make Hungarian Chicken Goulash! β™₯

  36. chicken taco’s yummmm. love to come home to the house smelling delightful!

  37. i’ve been DYING to make my moms recipe for Chili! the weather is changing and i’m jones-ing for a BIG BATCH!

  38. I think the first recipe I would make is Chili. I have been craving it since the weather has turned a bit cooler. With a nice corn bread on the side. This slow cooker is gorgeous!

  39. There are so many ideas running through my head, but I think the very first thing would have to be pot roast with lots of veges

  40. I think the first recipe I would make is Chili. I have been craving it since the weather has turned a bit cooler. With a nice sweet corn bread on the side! this slow cooker is gorgeous!

  41. Sauerkraut & kielbasa with bacon, apples, onions and beer.

  42. I would make a beef roast with carrotts, potatoes and onions!

  43. Submitted this once before, but I don’t think it went through. I would make a stew using roast beef, tomato puree, onions, garlic, black beans, kidney beans, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, & cabbage. Mmm…I can almost taste it now!

  44. I would make a roast with fresh vegetables.

  45. Chili verde (pork)

  46. I would make a yummy beef stew with all the vegetables and spicy seasonings.

  47. The chili my daughter adores,” Ginney’s All Merican chili”. It’s kind of Tex-Mex style so not too spicy for kids.

  48. I would make a chicken wild rice soup, my 2 year old son would love it!

  49. I would slow cook a chicken with rubs on it.

  50. I would make a delicious stew with roast beef, garlic, onions, black beans, kidney beans, tomato puree, and lots of healthy vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, & carrots. Mmm…can almost taste it now!

  51. I would go with a good, old fashioned pot of chili. It’s not cold here yet but, when the weather turns, one crock pot full of chili is never enough for our family!

  52. comforting pot roast for my hubby & kiddies.

  53. Since today is my 50th birthday I would love to win this beautiful slow cooker and make a big pot of taco soup!! Thanks!! πŸ™‚

  54. Hi. I’d be tempted to search for one of your amazing recipes, but probably would do a vegetarian chili first.

  55. I would prepare my hearty chili for our big Halloween party

  56. Hard to choose! Pulled pork or Chili Verde! So many wonderful things on my list!

  57. I will make Slow Cooker Beef Stew… made with fresh vegetables from my garden. I have been waiting for it to cool down so I can make this fall favorite πŸ™‚

  58. White Chicken Chili!

  59. I’d make white beans and ham in this gorgeous slow cooker! Thanks for the opportunity to win! Love your recipes and site!

  60. I’d make Thomas Keller’s Slow-Cooking Cassoulet

  61. I would make the recipe that is shown in the slow cooker picture. It looks like a good and hearty fall meal! One could even make it for a pot luck.

    • I would make vegetarian stuffed peppers with quinoa. But the coconut ginger chicken and vegetables sounds pretty good, Chad!

  62. My Family LOVES Pulled Pork!

  63. Always wanted to try my mother’s bollognaise sauce in a slow cooker, so that is what I would make!!

  64. I would make Pork Chili Verde, an all time fav.

  65. Barbeque Country style pork ribs ….then use the leftovers for pulled pork sandwiches. Yum!

  66. I think i would make BBQ ribs.

  67. I’d be making that awesome looking Coconut Ginger Chicken & Vegetables mmmmmmm

  68. Pulled pork tacos!

  69. I would make some Chicken Noodle Soup in my new crockpot! :)I’m trying to cook much healthier, because my family and I want to loose some weight and this would def be very nice ! Thanks for the opportunity. πŸ™‚

  70. Pick me!!! A man always needs something that will make cooking easy.
    Make chille, roast, big pot of beans and anything else I can get in it.

  71. Aloha!!! I would make “ulu” soup! “Ulu” is Hawaiian breadfruit and is so delicious in soups. It’s like potato! Yummy :))

  72. I hope this is the way to enter for the slow cooker it looks awesome and I could really use a new one. I use mine all the time.

  73. My spicy chili sounds good.

  74. I would make Chili which my family loves with the homemade cornbread I make! Cheryl

  75. There are several I am excited about but the chili will be my first.. It is that time of year and I was going to make it today.. Can’t wait!!!! Thanks for sharing and keep it coming:))

  76. Chili Verde!!

  77. As an avid hunter the first dish I would cook is my special venison pot roast. We take a backstrap loin roast and place in the bottom. on top of that goes Potatoes, Carrots green peppers, sweet onions a couple diced up garlic cloves, some salt and pepper. Once done we serve with country (Sausage) Gravy. The next day any leftovers are shreaded and served over basmatti rice with a beef gravy or gravey made from drippings if there is enough of them. TWO MEALS, One cook.

  78. Chili verde!

  79. First thing, I’d break it in right. I’d like to use it to make some fresh barbacoa at home. Now there’s something you don’t get to do very often!

  80. My favorate fall/winter soup…vegetable w/venison πŸ™‚

    • favorite*

  81. Carnitas are my favorite and they come out so well in the slow cooker~ thank you<3

  82. the first things i would make would be chicken tortilla soup & then some delicious pulled pork

  83. Anything vegetable and if meats in the house. add it as well. all vegies and some chicken or beef bouillon vubes, water and bay leaves etc. Then you go out and when you come in the door, it’s like you have a live in cook. The whole apt smells so good and warm and inviting. I am praying to win this one . I am going to cook for a lot of shut ins where i live.. i already to and this makes my cooking time so much more of ME time .

  84. Mexican Chicken Chowder would be the first thing I would make. With some Jalepeno Cornbread and Mexican Chocolate Brownes…….Hope I win…Dreaming in Texas

  85. Definitely your “Simple Slightly Southwestern Slow-cooked Chicken-Vegetable Soup!”

  86. My mom’s pot roast.

  87. I would make crockpot chocolate cake or chilli

  88. I will make my Gram’s Homemade Vegetable Beef Soup Recipe! Most awesome slow cooker ever…removable cast insert you can put on the stove=WOW!!!!

  89. Red wine beef stew. Yum!

  90. What a beautiful slow cooker! The first thing I would make is what I plan to make this weekend….a pot roast with new potatoes, carrots, onions, and gravy. The days are getting cooler and it’s time for that kind of food!

  91. I would make beer cheese soup!

  92. I will make borscht

  93. i would love to try this amazing slow cooker. Getting cool here now so taco soup sounds awesome!

  94. i want to make Old Fashion Beef Stew. Lots of carrots, potatoes, mushrooms and gree beans!

  95. I’d Make chili!

  96. I would blow the dust off my Crock pot book and return to crock pot cooking like I did a year ago before my old one broke and haven’t been able to replace it. I’m thinking baked potato soup for a very good friend.

  97. I’m starting my professional life over again…relocated again….thanks to losing my job years ago as a marketing mgr for a developer. I could really use this cooker for all my favorite slow cooked recipes!! thx

  98. I would make French Dip sandwiches.

  99. I will make my 7 bean turkey chili. YUM!

  100. I would make Chicken Cordon Blue. I need a new crock pot….mine finally wore out. Love your page πŸ™‚

  101. Too many to count – starting with beef stew!

  102. I would make the super easy recipe of Creamy Mushroom Chicken. Fast and easy for mornings where you need to be out the door but need super ready when you get back. The house will smell wondeful!

  103. i will make a filipino dish called kaldereta just like a beef stew

  104. I would make my fav slow cooked Brisket in Wine

  105. Cooking in a slow cooker is the best way to prepare some good comford food!!! And now with fall coming sure would be so nice to use a slow cooker that you recommend. Thank-you so much . Love your recipes too.

  106. I’d love to cook chicken noodle soup like I saw on Cooks country the other night . It looked so good . Sure would be fun to cook it in this slow cooker .

  107. Laura, I’d prepare my dad’s split pea soup, then the herbed beef stew recipe that I learned from my Aunt Betty when I’d just broken into double-digits and that my mom loved to make for dad and me for many many years.

  108. i would make my favorite Brisket recipe with potats and carrots…yum!

  109. I love soups of all kinds, so looking through different recipes I came across this Garbanzo Bean/beef soup, it sounded so yummy! I would love to win this wonderful slow cooker to be able to use dry garbanzo beans verses canned beans, the seasoning would be so much better if they were slow cooked all day with the meat. YUM~ Thanks for being so generous! Would love to share this yummy soup recipe with anyone!

  110. fresh vegetable soup

  111. <3 Chili <3

  112. I would make chili or pot roast with vegies

  113. I have just recently started the vegan lifestyle-I would totally dedicate this fabulous new crockpot to my new healthful way of life for me & my sweet family….

  114. I would make Chicken Delicious. My daughter’s favorite!

  115. Beef Stroganoff…a family favorite and perfect for this time of year!

  116. Why my famous “Barbeque Meat Balls” of course πŸ˜€

  117. I would make stuffed bell peppers!! Need this slow cooker! πŸ™‚

  118. Chile

  119. Love this slow cooker and would love to own it! Thanks for the chance to win it. I can’t wait to put a Boston butt in it! Thanks Laura!

  120. I’d love to make my friend Eden’s awesome chili recipe. It’s one of my favorite things to make once the cooler weather sets in…and you can get at least a few meals out of it!!!

  121. Roast a chicken and then make chicken stock overnight from the bones

  122. I would make a black bean chili, beef stew or maybe a pulled barbecue…how can I decide since I think that the slow cooker make food taste amazing.

  123. Oh how I love slow cookers! I love putting a roast in with carrots, onions, and potatoes – letting it go all day, then beautiful dinner all ready.

  124. I think it would be hard to think of which I would make first…beef stew, a spicy black bean chili or even a pulled barbecue? The autumn always makes me crave these comfort foods that are just plain awesome from a slow cooker.

  125. I will make Beef Stroganoff…a family favorite this time of year!

  126. I love using my slow cooker..need a new one thou..great for homemade dinners after working all day and kids actvities..beets fast food

  127. love that crockpot…I would make chicken BBQ. I am jealous of those of you with fall weather…I miss the seasons. Here insight FL we have two seasons wet and dry…always warm!

  128. I don’t think I put my email address in correctly. Anyway I was thinking instead of making a brisket, I would make pasole with chicken, since I don’t eat pork. I have so many dishes I would try!

  129. I would made pulled pork.

  130. Anew recipe I just seen for BBQ ribbs, mine is over 20 yrs. old still works but like you said not to pretty, I would love to win this!!!!!!!!

  131. I would make a brisket with baby potatoes.

  132. White Chicken Chili!

  133. I would make Venison Chili, yummm. And I would love to win this Slow Cooker, thanks!

  134. Fall Harvest Soup with Andouille sausage!

  135. Beef Stroganoff!!! Perfect for the upcoming coo weather!

  136. Thanks for the opportunity what a great idea. I love the slow cooker and great timing..it could come in handy since mine just went caput last week:( that is if I win!! I would make Sirloin chipotle chilli and warm pumpkin bread. Oooo just the thought of it put a smile on my face. I love Fall!!!

  137. A chicken and dumpling dish.

  138. Pork loin with sweet potatoes and sliced apples, yum!

  139. I am not quite sure what I would make first, I love making soups. I have have to say thats where I would start.

  140. I would make Chicken tacos for my daughter’s volleyball team! Good luck to me!

  141. Love to cook in slow cooker, fall in the air, a big pot of chili and Alabama Football…there is nothing any better.

  142. I would make my favorite pot roast with red wine recipe! I use my crock pot at least 4 times a week… I work late hours and it is a life saver!! I love your website laura, you keep my dinner ideas fresh and exciting πŸ™‚

  143. Crockpot Mac & Cheese!

  144. would love to win the crockpot….. love your recipe’s and ideas….. thank you!

  145. I am a family of eight.. The first night I would make smoked turkey legs and collard greens with garlic.. The third night I would make corned beef carrots and cabbage with potatoes on the bottom.
    I would make braised short ribs and saurkraut.. … πŸ™‚

  146. First dish would be some brown beans, which would go into my second dish of my homemade chili with elk chili meat and habeneros… I’m ready if you are πŸ™‚

  147. I am looking forward to chili with ground beef and ground pork. Maybe white chicken chili or cheesy potato soup. I would love a nice slow cooked pot roast cooked in this.

  148. Chicken ‘n Dumplings!

  149. My Chili recipe

  150. Carolina pulled pork!

  151. Chili for sure!

  152. old fashioned pot roast gravy potatoes carrots ….

  153. I am trying some desserts for the holidays and baking bread! πŸ™‚

  154. Chicken tortilla soup or pulled pork.

  155. Teriyaki chicken (shreds beautifully for rice bowls) and a beef stew! Not together, of course!

  156. Chili!

  157. Swiss steack with mushrooms and onions

  158. I would make green Chili stew!!

  159. There are so many I have been wanting this fall..
    Chop Seuey
    Chicken Strogenoff
    Cheesy Potatoes
    Chicken and Sliders
    Buffelo Chicken
    Potato Soup W Bacon n Chives
    Beef Stew
    The list is endless….
    Thank’s Laura for many ideas and recipes!

  160. i would make chili

  161. My favorite fall recipe is White Chicken Chili! Yum! Add some broccoli cornbread, a salad, and watch the chili disappear!





  163. Drip Beef is one of my favorites to make in the crock pot. It is great!

  164. beef in wine sauce reduction

  165. I’m thinking something like Pulled Pork or Ribs. Something that would just fall apart with a fork.

  166. I would make chicken chilly with a hint of paprika and cumin..WOW, my mouth is already watering !!

  167. I would definitely make my Daddy’s delicious chile. RIP Daddy.

  168. Chicken Chilli

  169. I would make chili for sure, nothing better to season a cast iron crock pot!

  170. Either short ribs in red wine or tarragon chicken.

  171. I’d like to make a chicken tortilla soup…

  172. Stew with potatoes and carrots.

  173. Oops…hit submit too soon…I would make pulled BBQ. My family’s favorite!

  174. My stew! Yum yum yum….. perfect for Fall and need to experiment with a low calorie recipe for it!

  175. Must have it! I WILL make a hearty lean turkey pot of chili!!

  176. Definitely a pot of chili! It’s homecoming tomorrow in my town and that’s perfect for a fast meal before the game or to warm up afterwards!

  177. Pasole

  178. I would crock chocolate coffee pecan brownies for my “Baby Doll”! I would love to see that smile on his face. I love him!!!

  179. I would love to fix a nice delicious beef stew with dumplings! Always a favorite in this house during the fall and winter months!

  180. Comment

  181. Old fashioned beef stew with vegetables and a loaf of crusty bread….ummmm~~

  182. Brisket or white bean soupu

  183. I would make potato soup!

  184. It would have to be a family favorite.. CHILI.. Nothing gets better than that.. topped with sour cream of course.

  185. I would make stuffed cabbage rolls! Or a delicious chuck roast with potatoes,carrots,onions,gravy and add noodle towards the end of cooking. Serve this with apple sauce and crusty french bread!

  186. I would love to try a new tortilla soup recipe I just found!!! Yum-o!!!

  187. Yummy chicken tortilla soup! Great on a Fall day!

  188. Crock pot Chicken and Dumplings!

  189. I NEED this. I want it soooo badly! i will make EVERYHTING in it. LOL.

  190. I would totally make a big beef stew. My dear friend has been sick and lost a lot of weight. I want to make her a big, hearty, healthy beef stew with lots of veggies. πŸ™‚

  191. I was going to say Green Chile Pork, but I’ve become intrigued by the Chicken Frangelico after seeing it referenced above. So I would try the Chicken Frangelico!

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  192. I would finally be able to use the slow cooker recipes I have been saving for over 2 yrs or more.I love your soup recipes so I would love to try one in the cooker. THANK YOU FOR THE GIVEAWAY AnD GOOD LUCK EVERYONE

  193. Just a plain old roast, potatoes and carrots! That’s the best smell to come home to after a long day at work!

  194. This will be the most wonderful gift for us and our family dinners πŸ™‚

  195. Yes, please enter me in the drawing for the All-Clad Slow Cooker.

    The past few days have been unusually cool and rainy for New Mexico and it has found me thinking about soup. I would like to try your recipe for Simple Slightly Southwestern Slow-Cooked Chicken-Vegetable Soup for the slow cooker’s maiden voyage.

    Ultimately, however, I’d like to use it to figure out a simple, but flavorful, recipe for a New Mexican soup I love – Green Chile Chicken Tortilla Soup. No two restaurants and no two people seem to use the same recipe, but there’s one I love and I’m eager to figure it out. I can’t imagine a better way to do it than to use your gift of the All-Clad Slow Cooker!

  196. I would love to make a pot roast with potatoes and carrots in my new crock pot. Thanks

  197. I would love to make the chicken corn chowder first!

  198. This slow cooker looks like an awesome one to make my Cheesy Potato Casserole soup in anytime of the year.

  199. I would fix a wild turkey breast with gravy.

  200. Since cool weather is approaching, I would be making soups and stews!

  201. I would make Rustic Italian Beef Stew. Simply off the chain!

  202. Beef Stew!! Mmm…

  203. I would make Pork Teriyaki, yum!

  204. BBQ ribs!!! MMMM

  205. GUMBO! πŸ™‚

  206. Definitely pulled pork BBQ—-a recipe of my mothers we have used for over 50 years

  207. I would definitely make my mom’s Southern Potato Soup (cheesy potato soup with smoked sausage)!!! Add a loaf of French Bread…yummy. I think I have to make it tomorrow!!!

  208. I would make my easy crock pot pumpkin butter!!

  209. I love cooking in the crock pot. During football season it’s wings so teriyaki wings.

  210. Oh I would love to have this to make my Crock Pot Peanut Butter Cup Cake!!! (plus, I just dropped and shattered my old crock pot a couple of weeks ago so this would be soooooo wonderful to win!!!)

  211. I think the very first thing that I would cook in it would be Mexican Chicken Vegetable Soup. I have had a bad craving for it lately. Jim.

  212. Red beans & Rice.

  213. I would make green chili!! Its my favorite πŸ™‚

  214. texas chili or beef roat yummy !!!

  215. My Polish Grandma’s lasagna, yes lasagna, recipe, yummm !! =)

  216. I have a venison roast that is perfect for the season. A lot of onions, some rosemary and maybe a little Marsala. Let it cook until fork tender. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

  217. I think I’d make Chicken and Lemon Rice Soup or else Rouladen with Potatoes and Carrots. Both of these taste great with warm brotchen and butter. Yum!!

  218. it would be a toss up between BBQ ribs and calico beans

  219. I would make Osso Bucco.

  220. I would make your Chicken Frangelico again. That’s the favorite in our house right now. Last time we served it with quinoa, which we’ve never had before. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes.

    • You are most welcome Bruce! That is a favorite in our house too!

  221. I would make chili. It’s my family’s favorite on a cold Chicago winter day. Thanks for having this giveaway even if I don’t win! πŸ™‚

  222. I would make stuffed cabbage and small white roasted potatoes. One of my family’s favorite crock pot meal….

  223. Coke Brisket for the Jewish High Holidays starting Sunday night! Or a big batch of sweet and sour meatballs. Or Autumn Vegetable Soup. Thanks!!

  224. The first thing I’d make is Fiesta Sweet Potatoes. Learning new crockpot recipes fit for plant based eaters…not always an easy task.

  225. I’m making a pork roast right now!! pulled pork sandwiches!! yum yum!!!

  226. White Bean Chicken Chili!!!! YUM!!!

  227. I would make my famous BBQ pulled pork! To be served with sweet & spicy sauce and coleslaw! May sound ordinary, but it’s extraordinary!

  228. I would make a Southern Taco Soup that has to cook in crockpot for 8 hours.

  229. I would make my Weight Watchers Apple dump cake

  230. 8 hr Taco Soup !!!

  231. We like to make chili in the crockpot

  232. I would make chicken and dumplings!

  233. I would make lamb curry or spaghetti sauce in mine!

  234. Bacon cheeseburger soup

  235. My mama’s Italian stewed chicken for starters! Then some Asian short ribs, tangy pulled pork, and vegetable soup πŸ™‚

  236. I would make Taco Soup in this, my new crockpot….Taco Soup is something my entire family loves and is so easy to make. After a high of 91 degrees yesterday and only in the high 50’s today I wish I had a pot of it cooking right now!!

    • Just saw in the rules where you need our first and last name so here is mine: Darla Ortiz

  237. I’d make roasted pork chops with apples, Dijon mustard and cinnamon. I can taste them already!

  238. I would love to try and make a cake in it. Found a recipe just this morning.
    Thanks for the chance.

  239. I think my first dish will have to be either mexican chicken tacos or italian ranch chicken ( my very own special family favorite recipe)

  240. I would make Brazilian Feijoada. It takes a long time to make and this cooker would be perfect for it…yum!

  241. I would make pulled pork with bbq sauce.

  242. First thing in the pot is your green chile recipe. It was the best I ever had in a stock pot so I’d love to try it in the crock pot.

  243. Seriously, we live on meals from a crock pot through the cooler months. So much more flavor and schedule friendly for an active family. Also love the larger ones so there’s LOTS of leftovers for for lunches! Mine is an “old-school” style, which does the job, but would LOVE to win this one! πŸ™‚

  244. My favorite thing to make in a slow cooker is a pot roast. I also like it for chili, ribs, soups, and many other things.

  245. I would make a huge pot of slow cooked beef stew and my next dish would be chili.

  246. I’d make chicken chili! YUM!

  247. Vegetable soup – chili – chicken and dumplins

  248. first probably pulled pork sliders on Hawaiian Roles, or maybe a pot roast sauerbraten, oh I know chili, who knows (really will depend upon what is on sale / in season).

  249. Love your foods!! I’d make a killer beef roast in the cooker just because it is a favorite of mine πŸ™‚

  250. I’d make a huge batch of chili!!

  251. I’m from Georgia so it will be a while before it gets cold here, but I would make green chile stew using some Hatch green chile from my home state of New Mexico! Can’t wait!

    • Molly Durden….I live in New Mexico….love those Hatch green chilis!!

  252. I have a simply wonderful recipe for cooking cube steak and onions in a crockpot. Very simple recipe and the meat, well, you don’t even need a knife! It makes it’s own gravy also. GOOD!!!! Then I’d do a Chicken & Dumplings meal! Whew!

  253. I would love a new slow cooker and cockpots for while now. i think mine is going out it is doing the same thing my last one did they start to overheat and then they get to hot..

  254. Pulled pork and then fresh made corn bread!!

  255. I would do a nice slow cook Beef Minestrone with a last minute fresh spinach addition….

  256. I would make a new recipe that I am dying to try.

    Beef Tenderloin with Shallots and Figs!! YUMMM!!!

  257. I would love to make white chili or boiled peanuts! i can’t decide which i would want to make first

  258. I’ve been hungry for pulled pork or black bean chili…great for Fall!

  259. A tender, juicy brisket would be my first…..YUMM!

  260. I love it:-)

  261. I’d make a huge batch of Chicken Tortilla Soup!! YUM!

  262. Well, it is chili season! However, I could be persuaded to concoct a fabulous pot roast with carrots and potatoes!

  263. Definitely a pot roast with ALL the fixins’. Slow cooked over a Saturday. :-))

  264. I would make spaghetti sauce an let it simmer all day, I love that smell. Or possibly some delish 10 bean soup. Okay, now I am hungry and want both πŸ˜‰

  265. Chilie

  266. I would make a lovely pot roast.

  267. Seeing as how the handle broke on my old crock. I would love too make some homemade chili in this beauty!!!!:)

  268. I would make my homemade shredded beef for shredded beef tacos!!!!! YUM!

  269. I would make a beef rump roast with onion, carrots, new potatoes and use the stock for my gravy to go over the jasmine rice! Love you recipes!

  270. Chili, definitely chili!

  271. I’d make pork loin chops in mushroom gravy! Yum!

  272. I would make a delicious beef burgundy stew πŸ™‚ Yummy!

  273. Breakfast oatmeal sounds really good!!! πŸ˜‰

  274. i would make french dip sandwiches!

  275. I would crock pot Chicken Parisian. My fave. White wine and cream of mushroom and sour cream and chicken breast yum.

    • JEANNE MELTON September 13, 2012 at 2:24 pm
      I would crock pot Chicken Parisian. My fave. White wine and cream of mushroom and sour cream and chicken breast yum.

      I would vote for Jeanne Melton, this sounds delicious but I would add lots of veggies instead of chicken.

  276. The first thing I would make is chili in this fabulous crockpot if I win. Thanks for all your
    wonderful recipes!!

  277. love it! I would fix a wonderful seafood stew!

  278. i would make an awesome veggie stew with lentils

  279. I would throw a pot roast in that baby as soon as I received it!!

  280. In memory of Nanny I would make her infamous gumbo!

  281. The oven proof insert for browning is fantastic. I’d make a simple but tasty roast.

  282. How fun! I would love this! But what to make first? Perhaps a lovely boeuf bourguignon? Or pork and green chile stew? Maybe a hearty black bean chile? Or…gosh…I’m hungry…

    • ooops…forgot my last name…that’s Pamela Allen! And thank you so much…

  283. Slow cooker meatballs!

  284. Famous Asian pork chops YUM!
    Jasmine Rice and fresh pineapple as sides.

  285. I would love to have this beautiful slow cooker to make my Cuban Chicken Stew with garlic, sweet potatoes, cilantro, lime and black beans!

  286. I would make my grandmas texas chili (as she calls it) !

  287. Chili! Yum! Beautiful slow cooker from All Clad!

  288. I’d love to win your awesome crockpot. I would make a potroast, chili, pulled pork, bbq chicken, and so much more. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ P.S. I love your website, Laura!

  289. I would make my famous white chili on a Saturday College Football day!

    • I would make a delicious Latin Chicken Stew with sweet poatoes, salsa, cilantro, lime and black beans!

  290. soups….chili…. pot roast… Fall is almost here!! I’d love to win!!

  291. Roast is my favorite thing to cook in my crock pot. Of course with all the trimmings!

  292. I would make just about anything honestly. The house we were renting was foreclosed on and done so very quietly. I only had 2 days to get everything out of the house. I lost most of my kitchen supplies. I didn’t realize we would be living in a motel for months on end. I can’t see us getting into a house anytime soon.

    I would love this slow cooker simply to cook anything. I’ve been cooking things in the microwave.

  293. That is a beautiful Slow Cooker! I’m a big chile fan – just found a recipe that
    includes sweet potatoes:) Wish me luck!!

  294. Good morning! Thanks. For the opportunity to win this fab cooler! Fall is Here …how about roast beef carrots onions and dumplings….yummm!

  295. Ooh, I just found a recipe for apple crisp in the slow cooker so that would be my first thing I’d make.

  296. I think i would like to make.. some soup for my friends and i for our weekly ladies potluck luncheon. bible study / prayer time. I would like to try to make some Tom Ka Gha soup with Lemon Grass, onion, white mushrooms, kefir/ lime leaves, white tofu, fresh galanga, chicken broth . Some tomato’s and voila ! Bon Appetire.

  297. Would be thrilled to win this! I would make my husband a chocolate Lava cake first!

  298. Apple Butter – My sister Becky had the best recipe for apple butter made in a crock pot and since she died last year I haven’t had any more homemade apple butter. I do have her recipe though so that is what I would make first.

  299. Green Chili. Seeing how they are in season .Fresh Hatch Green chilies roasted skinned, onions, garlic, & pork roast. Allen Hutchison Mapquarterranch@aol.com

  300. Please throw my name into the hat too! I use my slow cooker all year long. Fortunately my DH doesn’t mind left overs, so if I plan properly, I only have to cook twice a week!

    • I would make French Dip Au jus!!! DELISH

  301. I would make a 5 bean and beef dish. Awesome.

  302. Ooooooooh! It is beautiful! I would probably make my famous pot roast with veggies! Love you on Facebook!

  303. Cornish Game Hen with herbed potatos & veggies.

  304. Green chili stew! The fresh harvest from Hatch, NM is in and the small of fresh chilis roasting has been in the air the last two weeks. Fall weather has suddenly appeared and there’s nothing better than to come home & have a slow cooker full of this stew!

  305. Chile Verde

  306. Oh my, there’s so many great recipes to choose.. I’d have to go with a good pot roast and crock pot rice pudding for dessert.

  307. I would make sweet and sour spare ribs

  308. I would make Craw fish Etouffee for the cool weekend we have coming :-)…time for gumbo, etouffee, chili, soups & red eye stew…love cold weather & warm comfort food.

  309. I left you a comment, a couple days ago for this……. But can’t find it now (so if this is a ‘duplicate’, I’m sorry, I did look through ALL of the comments, but coulda missed it…sigh…) I’ll try again πŸ˜‰

    In ‘my mind, it’s not what ‘I’ would make but my Son…. He and his roommates are attending college and working full time…… Their crockpot (was mine first 20+ yrs old) died…. They used it 5 out of 7 days and ate MUCH better than I ever did at their age……My son would probably make elk stew ( he makes a ‘mean’ stew) Of course, it would be in my ‘hand me down’, as ‘I’ would get the new one ( LOVE my child, but there are ‘limits’ to my generosity, lol) …………….. Considering time for shipping, I’m guessing I’d get it just in time for my pumpkin butter (Mmmmm, my favorite ‘butter’)and of course, the football chili

  310. Pork Green Chile Stew

  311. I’m making slow cooked beef with red wine and mushrooms! Sounds delish!!!

  312. Your Slightly Southwester Chicken Soup looks wonderful – with some homemade rolls or biscuits – yum! I would love to crock pot in something other than a $14 deal:)

  313. The first meal I would make in the new crock pot would be Coca Cola roast – it is so yummy!

  314. I would make a pot of cheddar potato soup. Is so good on a cold blustery fall day!

  315. Turkey with mushroom gravy. Yum!

  316. Chili with organic tomatoes fresh from our garden. We planted a garden for the first time since we were married 27 years ago. In PA now the weather is starting to turn and it’s time for great chili with beef, or maybe turkey! Thanks for sharing your recipes. They come in handy when it’s my night to cook.

  317. A nice, hearty Beef Stew !

  318. I look forward to making my Chicken Fricassee!

  319. I would for sure make a roast with carrots and potatoes, then making a creamy gravey.
    serving it with fresh baked bread and homemade apple sauce. For desert brownies topped with ice cream. Yep I cn already smell it mmmmmm!!!!!

  320. If I could pick it up in Boulder on Friday I would make a batch of Hatch Green Chile. I’d braise a pork shoulder over night with the freshly roasted chilies, some tomatillas, cumin, onion and whatever else looks fresh that day. ummm.

  321. I would LOVE to win this! I just found out this morning that my crock pot has a crack in the insert. πŸ™ I use my crock at least twice a week all through Fall and Winter, and at least once a week the rest of the time. This would be such a blessing!

  322. I would love to make some pulled pork in the crock pot

  323. Love the crock-pot!! I think I would make a yummy pot of bean soup. πŸ™‚

  324. would love to win the crockpot…… πŸ™‚

  325. Cincinnati-style chili, mmm . . .

  326. Chile Verde…..no better smell than it cooking all day in the home made tomatillo sauce. The pork is so very tender when done in a slow cooker.

  327. Slow cooker BBQ’d ribs. SO YUMMY!!!

  328. Red Beans and rice with andouille sausage is awesome in a Cockpot

  329. Would love to make a chili or stew!!

  330. A slow cooked beef brisket. Mouth watering comfort food.

  331. Chicken stew yum

  332. Mexican Chicken Chili!!

  333. Besides the fact that the 15th is my birthda

  334. I would make us some BBQ pork! Would love to come home to house smelling like sweet & tangy BBQ!!! Vickie


  335. Besides the simple fact that the 15th is my birthday and I have been coveting one of these….?! I would make soups galore….my very first would be a Greek lemon chicken orzo soup….and then pot roasts…and soups, and…..oh my…!

  336. Will be doing the Bean , bacon and ham soup. LOVE IT



  337. I would love to make a big pot of turkey chili, or chicken stew!

  338. The 1st meal I’d make is a pot roast that required searing.

  339. I would make a batch of Chocolate and Peanut Candy! I will remember how long it takes to make into individual pieces- and not start it late in the evening and have to stay up until 3 a.m. when the only good ting on tv is infomercials! Yum!

  340. Beef Rump Roast with carrots, onions, bell pepper, mushrooms, and potatoes.

  341. A delicious Alsatian recipe for slow simmered sausages with caramelized onion, apples & sauerkraut in a Riesling reduction!

  342. LOVE slow cookers! I would probably make pulled pork, chili, or this crock pot apple pie I make that is amazing! πŸ™‚

  343. I would try a recipe I found on the internet for pulled pork sandwiches. I really need a new slow cooker as the know on mine is missing and it is really old. lol Thank you.

  344. I would cook African spicy guinea hen in either red sauce or peanut sauce. Bring on the hot pepper heat!!!!

  345. Pick me, pick me!! I soooo could use a new slow cooker. The knob on mine is missing. I would make a recipe I found on the internet for pulled pork sandwicdhes. Thank you!!

    • Oops, forgot to put my last name, STUART.

  346. cock-a-leekie stew

  347. I would make a pot roast with vegetables.

  348. I would make Fall Stew. Pork, butterut squash, kale, carrots, leeks, apples and sage…

  349. The first thing I would make would be chicken licken pork chop.

  350. The first think I would make in this crock pot is oxtails

  351. Buffalo or Elk Chillie, whatever is in the site first!

  352. Nothing like coming home after a long day of work and gathering around the table with your children and husband. Bonus is awesome food full of flavor that is so tender and yummy!

  353. Dear Laura,
    Have you been losing weight? You look so slim and beautiful! (I’m buttering you up). Seriously though, I’d chop up a Pork Roast, add chile’s, onions etc, cumin., Then take a Whole Wheat Tortilla, add the pork, along with Avacado, Fresh Salsa, Coriander, and lettuce or sprouts. I’ve been wanting to make this along with all of the enticing recipes you give us, but I don’t have a crock pot.
    Mary Miller

  354. Many, many, many roasts! And soups … Cheesey Brat Soup for one!

  355. I think I would christen it’s beauty with my most heart warming memory of my Granddad’s Baked Beans.A combination of spices, brown sugar and bacon, warm the soul with sweet childhood memories.

  356. For our second annual block party last weekend I encored my grandmother’s Indonesian Chicken in Sweet Soy Sauc with Ginger…This would be the perfect vessel for a third slow-cooked dish of this deliciousness.

  357. My slow cooker recently died after 20 years of service. I’d LOVE to receiver this one! I’d first make a warm spicy dhal. Yummy! Good luck everyone. πŸ™‚

  358. My favorite fall recipe, my son never ate the crust so I started making this and it is a huge hit! Great for pot lucks πŸ™‚

    Crock pot Pumpkin Pie Pudding

    –1 can of pumpkin puree (15 oz)
    –1 can evaporated milk (12 oz)
    –3/4 cup white sugar
    –1/2 cup Bisquick
    –2 eggs
    –2 T butter, melted
    –1 1/4 tsp cinnamon
    –1/2 tsp nutmeg
    –1/4 tsp cloves
    –1/8 tsp ginger
    –2 tsp vanilla extract

    The Directions.

    Use a 4 quart crock-pot and it was the perfect size. If you only have a big one, you can use it, but be aware that the batter will be spread out more and will cook much quicker. If you insert an oven-safe dish into the crock, it will work, but the batter will be quite thick and will take a VERY long time. Plan accordingly.

    Spray cooking spray into your crock-pot.

    Set aside.

    In a mixing bowl, combine all of the ingredients, and whisk until fully blended. No need to use a hand or stand mixer, just some elbow-grease.

    Pour the batter into the prepared crock-pot. Cover and cook on high for 3-4 hours, or on low for about 6. Check your “pie” after 2 hours on high, and 3 hours on low, then check every 30 minutes.

    When fully cooked, the pie will look just like a finished pumpkin pie. The batter will have browned and will crack in a few places. The center will have set enough for you to touch it without getting batter on your finger.

    Let sit in the crock-pot until room temperature, then spoon into serving dishes and top with whipped cream.

  359. I would make black bean and corn salsa pork chops!

  360. I could make a nice vegetarian shepherd’s pie in that crock pot!

  361. Either beef stroganoff or my cream cheese chicken and rice. Probably the stroganoff.

  362. I would Love to add this appliance to my kitchen! Thinking of BBQ Pork Butt, Chocolate Chili, Beef Tips, Lamb Shoulder, Soup, Soup & more Soup! I even know of a cake recipe πŸ™‚ Fingers Crossed X)

  363. I would make my wedding soup with ground pork/beef/veal/chicken meatballs.

  364. My crock has beee a lifesaver on many days. I would probably make bean soup*AKA Funeral soup) My uncle Frankie used to make a big pot of “Bean Soup” each time there was a funeral, it was something that could stretch, was delishious and hearry! And since Uncle Frankie isn’t with us anymore, I think of him each time I make a pot, and wonder why it is not even close to his!

  365. I would make cassoulet.

  366. I myself do not have a crockpot, but we (my grandpa and I) tried your recipe for smokey chili in his crockpot and the entire family loved it! That would be the first thing I would make in a crockpot if I win it (or even if I don’t, when I can I’ll buy one and make it).

  367. Dave’s Root Stew would be the first

    Potato, parsnip, carrot, onion, beet, celery root, anything from the ground, along with beef cubes floured and peppered and salted and seared . . . mmmmmmmmmm

  368. Awesome. I love to cook my grandma’s family recipe for spigetti sauce all day in a slow cooker. YUM

  369. sorry, didn’t see we were supposed to say what we’d cook in it. i would cook beef stroganoff.

  370. would love to win this. i enjoy using a crockpot:)

  371. Chicken noodle soup

  372. Pesto chicken meatballs

  373. Chicken and dumplings

  374. Pork Carnitas. I threw some things in my 30 year old crock pot one day and POOF out came these. mmmmmmmm

  375. i bet my beef stew would taste so much better in this upgraded crockpot!!

  376. Chicken enchilada soup yummmm! Taste like love with kick to it!

  377. Gave my Slow Cooker to my daughter.
    Would make Chicken Taco Soup in this one.

  378. Love the smell of a boneless turkey breast on a chilly afternoon!

  379. I would have to make my delicious vegetable soup, especially since you can brown the veggies on the stove first!

  380. I am new to slow cooker cooking. I was given a very ugly old one but it is so much fun. I would probably start with my kiddos favorite Cranberry Pork Tenderloin or Santa Fe Soup. How ever there are so many new things I want to try.

  381. I would make my famous homemade beef stew with locally grown vegetables and beef. I love the smell that a slow cooker has in the house as dinner is cooking with very little effect from me

  382. italian beef, if i win i`ll share my recipe lol πŸ™‚

  383. My first recipe would likely be Beef Bourguignon with a few extras. It would be a wonderful start to the Soups-n-Stews-Season. (Might need two – a cobbler would be great too….)

  384. Vegetable soup.. I look forward to reading your post. Thanks for all the info you share.

  385. I’ll make this . . .

    Barbecue Pulled Pork Sandwiches

    pork butt (I used 2.5 lb – but you can use whatever size needed for your family)
    1 can Pepsi 1 – no aspartame
    1/2 bottle Stubb’s Barbecue Sauce (I plan to use my own, home canned sauce, but for you poor, unlucky types who don’t have that . . .)
    Lawry’s Seasoning Salt

    Generally coat pork butt with Lawry’s seasoning salt, don’t be afraid to cover it all! Place in crock pot and pour in soda and barbecue sauce. Cover and cook on low for 4-5 hours. If you have a larger piece of meat, it will probably take longer. After 4 hours or so, take two forks and shred the meat into bite size chunks. Let it sit in the juice to soak up all that flavor. It can stay on warm in crock pot while serving, and can easily be reheated the next day. Serve on a kaiser roll and add more barbecue sauce if needed.

    I like sliced pickled peppers, sliced onion, and mustard with BBQ sammiches.

    I’ll serve it on my low carb, gluten free waffle bread, ‘cuz wheat is poison . . .


  386. CHILI! I’ve messed around with a lot of chili recipes, including my own, but I always come back to Tyler Florence’s Beef Chili with Red Beans and Chocolate as my absolute favorite.

  387. I plan to make short ribs or a big pot of soup

  388. For sure it will be a slow cooked spicy Boston Butt.

  389. With fall coming up I have been dying to make apple butter!

  390. I would love to make a big pot of chili in this!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!

  391. On the first rain of the fall, it is a family tradition to make a pot of soup and take the day to slow down and enjoy. It would have to be soup or chili for that special day.

  392. I would make some Bad Attitude Chile, this is the real thing. Great on a wonderful fall day.

  393. We love your web site thanks for all the soup and stews.

  394. I love to make pork tenderloin in the slow cooker

  395. I’m honestly not sure what would be the first thing made… I’ve never made anything in a slow cooker and would love to try.

  396. BBQ Boston butt roast

  397. I will make ham and scalloped potatoes. YUM!!!

  398. Oops forgot to say that I would make a crockpot full of Texas Chili if I won πŸ™‚ Thank you.

    • Oops forgot to say that I would make a crockpot full of Texas Chili if I won Thank you.

  399. Nothing can beat a slow cooker when you’re pressed for time and yet want a scrumptious meal to look forward to at meal time.– and it’s also masterful at watering your taste buds up as you smell what’s cooking throughout the day. The first time out using this slow cooker, I think I’d make BBQ ribs- yum!

  400. Cajun Pot Roast is a favorite at my family! It was the first thing I cooked in a crockpot except for cheese dip almost 15 years ago.

  401. Love using my crockpot. Especially this time of year with school and school activities.

  402. Barbeque chicken or ribs! Thanks, Sharon

  403. I would make bread pudding. I would throw it together late one night so that my whole family could wake up to the aroma the next morning.

  404. I will make barbeque chicken or ribs! Thanks!

  405. I would slow cook chicken and dumplings.

  406. I would cook slow cook some stewed oxtails .

  407. Short-ribs, of course….!!!! =]

  408. The first dish I would make in this fabulous new crock pot would be Stuffed Pepper Soup.

  409. without a doubt, chili, have a great recipie from my grandma

  410. Carnitas!

  411. I have been dying for a great slow-cooker with some decent capacity to it, like this one! I think the first thing I’d make is chicken and dumplings – haven’t had it in ages. But of course there’s also beef stews, split pea soup, baked apples… I think I’d be using it every day with something new!

  412. Love your posts!

  413. I would definitely make Chicken Enchiladas with local roasted green chiles!

  414. My first meal in this beautiful slow cooker will be osso bucco. I cant wait to get this product that I can make stews and soups and have it nice and hot when I get hom from work. Being a single mom to a ten year old boy, that would be quiote an addition to my kitchen.

  415. I need a new slow cooker……….WHITE BEAN CHICKEN CHILI! Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful slow cooker.

  416. I would have to make a pot roast with all the trimmings! Yum!

  417. White bean chili with chicken sausage. Perfect for a cool day.

    • My first meal would be pot roast….. my husband is retired, so he is home alone some and he loves when I leave something cooking in the slow cooker…. gives him something to look forward to that night for supper…. if it last that long. πŸ˜‰

  418. Venison Chili !!!

  419. I woul make crock pot baked potatoes

  420. I need a new crockpot! I’m excited to try chilli verde in the slowcooker. I’ve got some tomatillos begging to be used!

  421. The first thing I would make would be New Mexico Hatch green chili chicken stew!!

  422. Carnitas or Boilermaker chili….I can’t decide!!!

  423. Hoppin John. Great, peasant ingredients that meld together into a fantastic dish

  424. I wold be slow cooking chicken tortilla soup.

  425. I love crockpots. And I love cooking with them. I would make beef stew.

  426. I would make my fav pulled pork in this beautiful crock pot!!!

  427. I sooo need this cooker! I would make Rancho Gordo Red Chili con Carne–it is super delicious!!

  428. hmmmm Apple sauce for breakfast would taste pretty good

  429. Polish Kielbasa and apples!

  430. The very first meal I’d make is Pulled Pork cooked low and slow with Root Beer. Yes, Root Beer.

  431. Made beef stew and cornbread on Sunday !! Would love to have a new slow cooker to try out.

  432. Could sure use one… Work 6 days a week 50 hours and still want a home cook meal

  433. Would love to use this slow cooker to make soups/stews!

  434. I would love to make my Ham casserole or potato soup for those days I have to go to sports games for my boys. To come to a nice hot meal already to go would be just lovely… Live in very upstate New York, so once school starts the chilly weather is upon us….

  435. I would make “mexican barbacoa” for the first time.

  436. I would make slow cooked chile con carne, with a side of corn bread and grated white cheese.

  437. I would make my Chicken corn chowder! So good and always a hit!

  438. I would make my families shredded Italian beef ~ a crowd pleaser!

  439. The first thing I’d make in my new slow cooker would be applesauce so that we could enjoy the aroma of apples and cinnamon all day!

  440. White bean chili with chicken sausage, perfect for a cool day!

  441. Corned beef brisket !!!!!

  442. polish sausage and apples

  443. I would make sweet and spicy pulled pork. Yum!

  444. My daughter wants to try the recipe for Sloppy Joes she made in 4H cooking class.

  445. I would make my Chicken Corn Chowder! Super yummy…and always a hit!

  446. Butternut squash chili. Mmmmm.

  447. Just started trying out Cajun recipes last year. I believe I would make some sort of gumbo, jambalaya, or red beans and rice with smoked sausage. Spicy comfort food with a great bottle wine, the only reason I like the colder months. πŸ™‚

  448. I’m just learning how wonderful the crock pot can be! I bought an experimental crock pot just a very simple one to save time during the workweek. I have learned to appreciate coming home from work and the wonderful smells from the crock pot, I have tried some of your great recipes. My husband loves pot roast the most of course. I am excited to go back to our roots when we cooked much simpler foods. We love southern cooking. I can’t wait to try more yummy crock pot recipes! My little crock pot needs an upgrade!

  449. Thank you for showing off this wonderful cooker. I just learned about Crockin girls – and want to try some new recipes. I LOVE sauerbraten cooked all day – perhaps I would serve it with red cabbage – very German and Yummy!

  450. This crock pot looks awesome… I would make beef stew πŸ™‚

  451. What a beautiful slow cooker! I think the first recipe that I would cook would be beer basted pork loin for wonderful pulled pork sanwiches topped with homemade bbq sauce and asian slaw ~ yum!

  452. I would make Taco Soup. It’s a great recipe for the fall with healthy ingredients. My kids love it and it smells up the house so nice.

  453. Corned beef and cabbage =)

  454. Chicken Sauce Piquante!

  455. We love to make Calico Beans this time of year!

  456. Spaghetti sauce and meatballs!! My mother gave me a great recipe for a homemade Italian spaghetti sauce and meatballs that you can slow cook all day and it comes out perfect every time.

  457. Slow cooking, real cooking…….savoring the smells as I walk in the door from work. It’s like having my own chef! I would ADORE winning this slow cooker!!!

  458. Hi Laura,
    Whoops I guess I didn’t follow direction and left my comment in the other spot. I couldn’t find it before on here either. Oh well, in a nutshell……your recipes are amazing. Thank You πŸ™‚

    • No worries Corri! Thanks you and you are entered in the drawing! πŸ˜‰

  459. My mother-in-law, who [passed away in 2000) taught me how to make a pot roast that she always made for her family. I love to make it for my husband and family. My slow cooker broke and need a new one, this would be perfect for making a family favorite dish!

  460. Red beans, white beans, spaghetti sauce, pork roast, beef roast, lasagna, potato soup…oh gee, what can I not make in the all clad slow cooker πŸ˜‰

  461. There are endless things that I would make….but I think the first thing would be, since it is football season, would be a big pot of chili for the hubby!!…:)

  462. I love coming home when the crock pot is on and the whole house smells so delicious. I would make cream of chicken soup with wild rice. I put in rotisserie chicken, wild rice, cream of chicken soup, heavy whipping cream, salt pepper, some water, chicken bouillon. or chilli, or pork chops. yummy

  463. slow-cooker bbq pulled pork !! YUMMO !!!!

  464. So many wonderful sounding dishes! It would be really hard to choose, but I would definitely use it often. I had no idea that there was an All-Clad slow cooker with a cast iron insert. That would be the best possible combination!!! Umm ! I promise I cook for groups often and could make excellent use of it!!!

  465. I love that All Clad Cooker! I would make chili in it.

  466. The first recipe would be my white bean chili…..Yummy!

  467. I would be making chili or pot roast, depending on what I had on hand when I received it. I love both of those made in a slow cooker. I haven’t been able to find mine since cleaning out my mother’s house and moving again two years later.

  468. I would totally try slow cooker brownies!

  469. It would be a toss-up between my Stick-to-your-ribs Beef Stew or Pot Roast… Or maybe Chili…Or my Chicken Tortellini Soup…Or I might try Julia Child’s Coq Au Vin… Hmmm…
    Now I’ve gone and made myself so hungry!

  470. My World Famous Chili

  471. Chicken curry with all the condiments – shredded coconut, boiled egg, bacon, mango chutney, green onions, and cucumber!

  472. With fall here, I would make chili….for when the kids come home from school. I love the rich aroma as it fills the house as I add ingredients throughout the day!

  473. What a beautiful slow cooker. I would ask my husband to make his famous football chili and then we would invite our football friends over to enjoy it! Can’t think of a better way to spend a fall college football day then this!

  474. Venison Chili-Stew (awesome)

  475. EVERYTHING will taste fabulous cooked in this gorgeous crock pot! Wow! Beer Herbed or Spicey Lime Tequila Whole Chicken would be my first choice…That is one HOT cooker! lol

  476. Savory Venison stew with locally harvested vegetables!

  477. I think the first thing might be Chicken Tortilla Soup with fall knocking on the door…. can’t wait for soup season!

  478. Pork Green Chile Stew – yum!

  479. I would make a BBQ pulled pork roast…Yum!

  480. There are so many comments..I may get lost but that’s okay I love your blog…..I would have to say I would cook some good homemade chili….fall is coming and what better way to bring it in then with a bowl of chili….

    • you’re not lost Toni! I’m reading all of them πŸ˜‰

  481. I have an Indian Stew with split peas and coconut cream that I have been wanting to make. My husband recently became a vegitarian and I know he would love it!

  482. Comment

  483. Fresh herb khoresh

  484. In my house, the first thing we’d make is chili in this bad boy!

  485. I usually make my char Siu pork in the slow cooker which takes about 8 hours to cook, then cool it down so I can stuff that meat in a sweet bun and steam it or bake it for a Hawaii favorite called Manapua. I could use a bigger crock pot….Mahalo or thank you!

  486. My grandmothers Vermont baked beans. After she died it took us forever to find the recipie. Once we found it there was a note on the back of it saying “Don’t eat these before a date.” Referring to the gas that sweet beans give you πŸ™‚

  487. I would do chilli or beef stew

  488. I would make pot roast with mushrooms…..=)

  489. Being a Southern woman, I would make shrimp creole! I love the deep spices and flavors. I know a new slow cooker could help me meld the tastes into something incredible.

  490. I would cook a roast with potatoes and carrots.

  491. I would make my pulled pork recipe that my husband loves so much! I have the old crock pot with the cermic bowl. I really want a new one like this that it larger and has a shut off timer. I hope I win!

  492. I would make my favorite crockpot meal – – barbecued pork. It’s smokey and delicious and makes enough for several days of barbecue sandwiches and quesadillas. I am getting hungry just thinking about it!

  493. i would make cabbage rolls…aka pigs in a blanket…1 lb ground chuck i lb ground venison 1/2 lb of ground pork….rice diced tomatoes 3 eggs and italian style bread crumbs…1/2 cup…1 cup tomatoe juice….mix contents season as desired….boil leaves of cabbage till tender roll meat into football shaped balls….wrap cabbage round balls …place in my new slowcooker…lol…pour rest of tomato juice into cooker and spread tomato peste on top of each one and cook….awesome fall meal….

  494. would love to cook a roast and then pulled pork in it!

  495. Love this slow cooker. Since I now have extended family (grandchildren) living in my home this would help tremendously. Coming home from work to something already prepared, Yeah.. I have a great chicken noodle soup with lots of nice veggies and bay leaf. So good .

  496. lovely vegetable soup!

  497. Oh chili of course!!!!!

  498. I have a great recipe for spareribs in the slow cooker with a tangy bbq sauce. I love to serve this on game day because it leaves you free to prepare other party foods! My slow cooker is reaching its retirement age because of continued use….lol. A new edition to my kitchen would be greatly appreciated!!!!

  499. I would fix a big pot of beef stew because our kids love it! My wife would p-refer pot roast and vegetables, but my kids would get the first meal.

  500. I love a good slow cooked pot roast!

  501. This cooker looks great! The first thing I thought of when I read that you could brown the meat was my smothered steak! It would be so tender by the end of the day! Thank you and I enjoy keeping up with you on facebook!

  502. Can’t wait to try chicken and Dumplings! Such a great Fall/winter dish!

  503. I make soups especially during winter and fall!!! I would love to make my Taco Soup or some White Chicken Chili in this beauty!!!

  504. veggies!
    6 to 8 medium carrots
    1 pound jumbo asparagus
    1 pound large cipollini onions, peeled and halved through the root
    3/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil, more for drizzling
    3/4 pound shiitake mushrooms, stemmed and quartered
    Finely ground sea salt, preferably gray salt
    Freshly ground black pepper
    1/4 cup sliced garlic
    1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh thyme leaves

  505. Fall is my favorite time of year and I love to share slow cooker recipes all the time! I would make my pulled pork. I make it several ways but a favorite is with green chilis, onions, garlic and dark beer. It cools until it almost melts when you pull it apart. Makes for great tacos or an enchilada filling!

  506. I would make an American traditional Beef Stew. You can’t beat that on a beautiful fall day.

  507. I would probably make pulled pork in it. Yum!

    • Tortilla Soup…

  508. I would love to make a white bean chicken chili. Especially for Halloween before trick or treating with the kidlets!

  509. Laura, I have a recipe for for a slow cooker Chicken and Dressing that I am just dying to try!!! The weather is finally cooling off a bit here in Mississippi and it is making me want some good warming comfort food…so, I think that would be the first recipe in this beautiful slow cooker!

    • I never had a slow cooker and would love to have one. Now that we just had our third kid, it’d become very handy.
      The first meal i’d cook on it, it would be a comforting gumbo, New Orleans style.

  510. I’d make white chicken chili!

  511. I need this!!! My slow cooker is about 30 years old…the knob is gone and I have to use a fork to turn from low to high.

  512. The mornings are crisp and cool and the breeze smells like Fall. I can just imagine what meal to cook in the crockpot………. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm….can you smell that? A beef roast, potatoes, carrots, and onions slow cooked all day. The house is smelling wonderful and everyone’s mouth is watering in anticipation of a wonderful meal slow cooked all day. the family sits down and shares this wonderful meal prepared with love.

  513. On a nice fall day I would love to come home to a warm pot of beef stew,all ready done in my new crockpot!!

  514. I would make some good ole red beans and rice. With plenty of andouille sausage, of course.

  515. Oh my goodness, that’s a to ugh one, because I have so many favorites! I think I would have to choose the traditional “pot roast with veggies”..not only because it’s so traditional and delicious in it’s own right..but also because it brings back wonderful memories growing up in a much simpler time…it’s all about family…God Bless..

  516. I would make Creamy Chicken and Pasta Casserole that i saw on http://www.sixsistersstuff.com

  517. My first dish would be chicken cacciatore!

  518. I would make my confetti chili, black & cannelini beans and 4 colors of peppers for lots of color! Fall is my favorite season, partially for all the yummy comfort food!

  519. I would make the roast my family loves! It has carrots, onions and potatoes..Yummy! I use crock pots allot….they’re great for potlucks at church. Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful new one. I hope I win!! πŸ™‚

  520. I don’t have a specific recipe, but I would make old fashioned baked beans… Mmm. Second recipe is pulled pork. After that, beef stew… I’m getting hungry!

  521. Would love to make my Tomato Tortellini Soup in this!

  522. I love my old crockpot but need a newer bigger one, and that one is pretty! I’d love to win it and keep on crocking’ away here in Central TX! Love your site and recipes too!

  523. Coq Au Vin! Onions, Carrots, Baby Bellas, Chicken, Bacon, Red Wine & Stock-all simmered for hours β™₯
    The house always smells amazing!

  524. I would make soup for the fall weather.

  525. Love Slow Cookers! Perfect for church gatherings.

  526. CHILI or Beef Stew!

  527. What a beautiful slow cooker! I love cooking in them and would be Brunswick Stew! <3 and hugs!

  528. I would make our favorite chili recipe!

  529. I will make Goetta. It is pinhead oatmeal,ground beef, ground pork, onion,garlic,bay leaves.
    Cook then remove from cooker, place in 9 x 11 pan. Cool, cover, refrigerate overnight. Slice, fry up in margarine. Yummy. Anyone else ever heard of Goetta?

  530. i wpould make Balsamic and Onion Pot roast

  531. Beef stew!

  532. Soup!!! Bring on fall!

  533. Crockpot cooking-Love the inspiring idea! Chicken Leek and Lemon Soup!

  534. Slow Cooked Beef Stew

  535. I will make my famous Brunswick Stew!!!!!!

  536. I would fix a big pot of chili. The family loves it and it goes a long way. Makes great leftovers.

  537. Love the convenience of a slow cooker, just have to plan ahead! I love to cook meats in one so they are very tender and not dried out.

  538. My favortite thing in the world to make is Chicken and Dumplings, but I do a mean shredded beef as well! <3 the crockpot. Would look lovely in my kitchen! πŸ™‚

  539. Favorite slow cooker recipe is Chile Verde – always popular in my household and a must for Superbowl Sunday. Tried your Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalapenos on the grill last weekend. Yummm.

  540. I would have to make some savory pork chop chili..( a spanish dish passed down from my grandmother)

  541. Beer can chicken.. delicious!

  542. I would make spicey tortilla soup – perfect now that the weather is cooler!

  543. Fall weather calls for pot roast and veggies!

  544. I would make my white bean & chicken chili-it is a family favorite & makes the whole house smell great!

  545. would love to have one of those to cook my famous Potato Soup in….. Yummy


  547. My published recipe for “Chicos Pablito”

  548. I would have to make Carnitas…slow cooked pork roast with garlic n lime n cilantro…yummy!!!

  549. I’ll probably make chicken and/or beef stock, to use in other recipe’s during the winter…

  550. Beans, beans, beans! I would make 16 bean soup with smoked turkey wings! Yummy! I want some now…

  551. I love this cooker! Mine is on its last leg so this would be awesome! I would probably make my 3 Bean Chunky Vegetable Turkey Chili. It’s super easy, healthy, the kids love it and chili just screams “football!”

  552. MMmmmm…..would love to make some stews in that!

  553. I am a full time student in addition to working full time. I use my slow cooker at least once a week. Would love a new fancy one with a timer! I make beef stew, red chili, white chicken chili, shredded chicken taco meat, bbq pork, green chili shredded chicken, and many others.

  554. Beautiful fall weather and pot roast with tons of veggies…yummy!

  555. I would make my slow cooker lasagna for my hubbie! it is his very favorite meal in the world! And my slow cooker went copute on me so
    I haven’t been able to make it in a long time cause i can’t afford a new slow cooker right now!

  556. I would make my hubby my famous(in our family anyway) venison bbq! My hubby cant wait foe fall for me to make him this,and I send it to my inlaws to freeze so they can enjoy too!!..Fix up some oven fried french fries and a good bbq sandwich and all the family comes running!

  557. Vegetable Beef soup

  558. I would make buffalo chicken sliders! Fantabulous!

  559. Turkey chili is fabulous as well as pot roast……..love your site!!

  560. I would make a chili before the Friday Night Football game

  561. I would make buffalo Chicken Chili!!

  562. I’d make my sweet and sour meatballs recipe w red cabbage and apples

  563. Chuck steak burritos!

  564. I would make a fall favorite of ours…white chicken chili!

  565. I would make chicken and dumplings…have been craving them!! Yum

  566. Sad day in my house, I broke out the slow cooker for some chili and Monday night football. The slow cooker has been a good friend but after serving the meal it took it’s last breath and is no longer useable. I planned another meal for tonight but it seems that will have to wait. Found a new recipe for artisan bread in the slow cooker and dying to make it.

  567. A hearty mushroom soup with Kale, potatoes and white beans, with just a hint of apple.

  568. I would make “Hocks N Beans” I use unsmoked hocks, great northern beans and have been experimenting w/veggie in the mix, I like turnips and rutabagas. Slow cookers are the best invention ever, specially when you are a single mom and work all day.

  569. It’s almost Chili time again and I slow cook it to it’s full delicousness!

  570. This is a beautiful crockpot! Think I would have to make some yummy rotel dip in it!

  571. Love your website and facebook page, I’d be interested in trying a new recipe that’s mexican themed called Chickadilla Soup”, Kashi published this in a Family Circle magazine and it sounds warming, hearty and delicious. I’m always excited to try new soups and this Iron Clad crockpot would be perfect for this soup. Happy Fall!

  572. I would make my sister-n-law’s chili. It’s the best recipe I have ever tried! That, and it’s football season. perfect combo.

  573. Oh goodness, I’ve had my eye on this cooker forever! *fingers crossed*
    I have been jonesing for this slow-cooked red posole recipe that my husband and I made last winter. It was off the charts good. I think it was from a Cook’s Illustrated cookbook. MUST. FIND. ASAP πŸ˜‰

  574. I would make a pot roast with potatoes, onions,carrots . And have many more new recipes I would like to try!

  575. Hamburger Curry!

  576. A big pot of Chili

  577. I will make crock pot delicious chicken -a recipe consisting of chicken breasts (on the bone, lemon juice, celery salt, paprika, cream of celery and cream of mushroom
    soups, dry white wine, and Parmesan cheese. Cook and serve over rice. It is delicious, easy, and your house will smell wonderful! This was a recipe given to me when I was a young girl and had a passion for cooking. An elderly woman in our church, known for her culinary skills (ESP, in baking and candy-making) generously shared this recipe with me. She has long since passed away, but the aroma takes me back to a woman who inspired me to have a passion for cooking, baking, and entertaining! πŸ™‚

  578. I would certainly make chicken tacon soup! Mmmm…………I hope I win!

  579. Laura, I love all your posts. You are such an inspiration. I think I’d like to try the comfy food of macaroni and cheese. Always makes me feel good.

  580. I would make pasta fazool!

  581. First time I heard of your site and it is awesome, I am so excited for Fall now, thank you for the great Recipes & I wold live to win this totally cool Crock!

  582. Comment

  583. Stew a whole chicken

  584. My husband would love for me to cook a nice big stew!

  585. I would have to say beef stew also! Eagerly awaiting cooler temps here in AZ!

  586. I’ll be making chili! I’m excited for the cooler weather!

  587. I would make chili

  588. Saw a recipe from Six Sisters on how to cook pulled pork by using and kind of pork. They used pork chops.

  589. A whole chicken with leeks.Smells and tastes wonderful.

  590. So many good foods come out of slow cookers! I haven’t had one for about 4 years and I soooooo miss it. First thing I cooked would probably be beef stew. But veggie soup, BBQ chicken, or Chicken and Dumplings would follow close behind. Thanks for having this giveaway. I’ve been drooling over this very one for months now.

  591. Buffalo chicken macaroni & cheese

  592. I would make Balsamic Chicken, our family favorite! I would love to win this, as my slow cooker still works, but I have to use a pair of pliers to change the settings as the knob is broke lol. πŸ™‚

  593. Nothing like a good pot roast with all of the fixings that are coming in from the garden. I love to use the sirloin tip roast and add carrots, parsnips, turnips, new potatoes, sweet onion, butternut squash, and mushrooms. I put together a hearty buillion base with a bit of sweet apple cider and of course fresh minded garlic, pepper, and salt to taste. Nothing like all of those wonderful aromas tempting you on a cool autumn day!

    • Sorry…forgot to give you my name! πŸ™‚

  594. Since I don’t see my post I am being on the safe side and trying again! Your pork green chili stew. It is the BEST.

    February 22, 2009. Categories Chilis/Stews, Comfort Food, Slowcooker / Crockpot, Soups, Southwestern / Mexican.

  595. My husband, when he was 10 years old, created his own Chili recipe. I have the index card he wrote it down on and it is one of my little treasures. His Chili is a favorite in our family, and just as our family has grown and changed over the years (hence the reason for a bigger slow cooker) so has his chili recipe, but it would definitely be the first thing I would make in a new All-Clad Slow Cooker!!

  596. I love slow cookers! I would make a vegan Nacho Bake!

  597. I would love to win this on Friday. It is my birthday! I would cook a chicken pot pie!!!

  598. I would make apple crisp! Yum!

  599. Lasagna since I recently discovered making it in a slow cooker

  600. baked beans & bacon…yum!

  601. Swedish meatballs! Tummy! I love my slow cooker!

  602. Chicken Chili, although there are a lot of good ideas being posted.

  603. pork roast,rice & gravy & baked apples!

  604. I would be making my yummy tortilla soup – it’s good not matter if the weather is warm (makes us feel like we are in Mexico) or cold (just makes us feel good – especially with a great marg!)
    Since I’m working in Denver now, this would come in very handy for weeknight dinners!

  605. We live by crock pot at least 2 nights a week – the very first meal to come out would have to be Lasagna, or maybe Chicken Posole, ooooo wait beef and leak sandwiches with au jus!!

  606. I would make taco chili! I would love to win this slow cooker! My husband and I both loved our other one – he was trying to be helpful and stir our meal one evening and place the lid on the counter but then accidently knocked it off and it shatter πŸ™

  607. Citrus braised pork tacos……yum!

  608. Would have to stir up my famous Mexican Cheese Dip…Thanks for all you do Laura, we enjoy your post and knowledge. Keep up the great work!

  609. Chicken Chili! Can’t wait to get a batch going for fall football season!

    • First….for the slow cooker fresh green beans, cottage ham, onions, new potatoes. Sides would be fresh sliced tomatoes, and corn on the cob. Gosh…..this always takes me back to vacation as a child to my Grandfather’s place in Jasper, Alabama. All the veggies were out of his garden. It was the best thing I ever tasted.

  610. I would cook a nice beef stew in my cooker. Fall is here and we need something to warm us up.

  611. I would make a BIG ol’ pot of beef stew for my honey-pie!

  612. Whole chicken with beans, sausage and kale.

  613. Beef Stew with bread in my bread machine.
    Actually look forward to cooler weather so I can eat comfort food.

  614. slow cooked potroast… carots, potatoes – yum yum

  615. Turkey Lasagne, my own heart healthy creation

  616. Ribs, Country style

  617. buffalo chili!
    love, love, love chili!

  618. Sept.14 was my cousins Birthday .We use to get together and cook all kinds of dinners together.On her Birthday her daughter and family and I get together and we cook ” POT ROAST” thats for YOU DEBBIE.WE LOVE and MISS YOU

  619. The first recipe I’d make is my mother’s beef brisket. She LOVED crockpot cooking because as a working mom, she wanted dinner to be ready as soon as she got home. I remember her telling me to chop, dice and sautΓ©e various items and she’d throw them together into her big pot. It would be an honor to her memory to share the same experiences with my kids. I am sure they’ll love dicing onions as much as I did!!

  620. Taco soup – or steel cut oatmeal – or green chili. . . not sure.

  621. I would make Italian Sausage Tortellini Soup. That would really hit the spot for the cold winter months we have arriving soon here in Northern Maine!!

  622. Sure would love to see a pot roastcookin in there!

  623. Wow! that is so nice of you, Laura! I would make Chili for football , of course! for my first meal in crockpot! My old crockpot is well worn and doesn’t heat properly anymore. πŸ˜€

  624. Everyone’s recipes are making me hungry! I’d probably make beef stew or pulled pork for sandwiches. Thanks!

  625. Gluten free cream cheese chicken, yum!

  626. Yeah! Would love to make apple butter in a beautiful pot like All-Clad!

  627. 7-bean Chili for fall!

  628. Laura i love making oxtail in a slow cooker you r all clad cooker would make browning the meat and the whole dish pure heaven I love looking at your page and trying your recipes Thank You for all you do Cheers! (smiles)

  629. Slow cook boneless ribs. OH my yes.

  630. I would love to make some pulled pork or chicken! Thank you for this opportunity πŸ™‚

  631. My favorite dish from my mother in law who passed away earlier this year. Grandma’s favorite brisket/pot roast (Jewish style).
    Jack Hoffman

  632. I’d make calico beans. yum!

  633. Being from the south I would make seafood gumbo:)

  634. Pulled Pork (; Need a new slow cooker…(;

  635. Chicken chili verde — mmmm.

  636. Chicken Tortellini Soup!

  637. I think I would have to initiate the slow cooker with a big batch of chili!!!

  638. My daughter and her family recently moved in with my husband and I. We grew from two adults eating dinner to 8 almost overnight. I love crockpot cooking. I think our first recipe would be some version of crockpot spaghetti or lasagna (since those are our grandbabies’ FAVORITES)!

  639. Hmmm hard choice, but my slow cooked pulled pork is always a favorite!

  640. I’d love to use this slow cooker to make German beef Rolladen, made from round steak strips tenderized and rolled up with onion, dill pickle and bacon.

  641. some spicy chicken gumbo to warm your heart….

  642. I would make my “busy batch”. It is kind of like “hearty beef stew” meets “enchilada soup”. Amazingly delicious and, most importantly, quick and easy. I often feel like the guy from the donuts commercial a long time ago. Especially the commercial where he is leaving the house saying “time to make the donuts” and realizes he is passing himself coming back in the door and the “him” that is coming in the house says in a very tired voice “I made the donuts”. So, I created my “busy batch”.

    • I just noticed you requested the last name, too. So, I posted this reply with it.

  643. When the weather gets cooler I love cooking a hearty beef stew. A crockpot would help me make a great stew. πŸ™‚

  644. Oh, I would use that crockpot for so many delicious recipes. First though, I’ll make my grandmother’s Portugues Bean Soup! Ham shanks, onion, potatoes, tomatoes, portuguese sausage, and some cabbage and little macaroni last. Yumminess!!

  645. If I had that beautiful slow cooker I would buy a pork roast and make carnitas. It is so simple and delicious and smells delightful!

  646. White Chili Suprise will be my first endeavour in a new crockpot

  647. CROCK-POT PIZZA (yep pizza) – see http://www.tasteofhome.com/Recipes/Crock-Pot-Pizza for this great idea

  648. I have been wanting to try a pull pork recipe I found on Pinterest. The know on my slow cooker is broken. Most of the time, I have to guess if it is on high or low. Thank you for the opportunity to win a new one!!

  649. I’d make apple butter! I don’t have a slow cooker and totally want one. Thanks for the chance!

  650. Spicy Chicken-Vegetable & Cilantro Sausage Soup

  651. I would make Taco soup for a cool evening of watching football.

  652. I need a slow cooker as ours died. I had gastric bypass surgery nearly two months ago and there are so many healthy recipes that I want to try. I would start with a pot roast, I think, then soups for the fall.

  653. Chili – classic fall/football food.

  654. I would cook up my first batch of cinnamon apples!

  655. White chili for the very first crockpot recipe! When I downsized I didn’t think I’d use a crockpot so gave it to my daughter and miss some great recipes

  656. Chicken and Rice for the kids!!!

  657. Fantastic! We’re torn: we’ll use the slow cooker at first for one of two disparate recipes: a tomato reduction for canning of sauce/paste, and a blueberry reduction for the same purpose. We’re experimenting with creating yummy gifts for the holidays, and we think a sweet AND savory combo makes a perfect stocking stuffer. Our garden is in overdrive right now, and our last blueberry picking outing yielded 30 pounds currently in deep freeze!

  658. I am going to make homemade spaghetti sauce and eggplant “meatballs”. Then when the cold really hits, I am going to make the awesomist pho style veggie noodle soup. I would so love a new slow-cooker, especially this one πŸ™‚

  659. The first thing I want to make is a hearty chicken and dumplings the whole family can enjoy. There are very few things that EVERYONE here likes and family dinner is so important. This is one of the few things I can get everyone to enjoy together.

  660. I love to use a crock pot, especially in the fall and winter. I think the first thing I would make in this crock pot would be that Smoked Chipotle Citrus Pulled Pork you posted a few weeks back! That sounded wonderful!

  661. Sticky honey hoison chicken

  662. My grandmother used to make a delicious creamy chicken for thanksgiving and I have made it as well, but have added my own touches to it and that would have to be the first thing I would make — it is my dad’s favorite and so it would be that that i would make…My kids love it as well…

  663. Chipolte Brisket (roast) Taco’s -they are fantastic

  664. My first dish in that marvelous cooker would be a whole chicken “pot-roast.” Some onions, chicken stock, garlic salt, seasoned salt, seasoned pepper, poultry seasoning–midway through, add peeled potatoes, carrots, and a couple shakes of ketchup! Wonderful!

  665. Fall is my most favorite season! I can’t wait to make some all day chili in my new crock pot!

  666. I’m perfecting chile colorado (or I was before my slow coooker died on me) and that’d be the first thing I cooked.

  667. I woudl make steel cut oats oatmeal….maybe apple cinnamon flavor !!

  668. I would make either chili or corned beef, cabbage & potatoes…yummy!

  669. Slow cooker short ribs or Slow Braised Beef

  670. I would love this slow cooker to make chili and and it’s the perfect time of year with the superbowl season just around the corner. michellevasko@yahoo.com

  671. I think I would make a short rib dish

  672. Highland Hotpot – it is from the LeLeche League Cookbook I purchased when my children were being born many years ago and is a family favorite. Beef and sausage stew with potatoes and apples.

  673. would love to win and would cook the recipe in the picture, provided you would share.

  674. I would make venison chili first, then put in the peanuts, for spicy boiled peanuts!

  675. I would make a big crock of corn beef , cabbage and potatoes for these coming cool fall days!

  676. would love to win this, and get the recipe of what is in it.Looks delish and that is what I would try first!

  677. I would make my favorite game day dip- queso blanco made with monterey jack, cream cheese, onions, jalapenos and lots of cumin!

  678. Stuffed peppers or a big batch of chikcen to freeze for recipes during the week!

  679. I would make the crock pot version of Beef Bourguignon. It’s one of the first recipes I ever made in the crock pot and we still love it.

  680. Braised short ribs with 2009 Transcendence Syrah. . .

  681. Pot Roast (!), although I recently saw a slow-cooker cheesecake recipe that sounds awesome. πŸ™‚

  682. It’s still hot in southern Oklahoma. I like to make my roast in a slow-cooker. It doesn’t heat up my house. πŸ™‚

  683. I would make meatloaf.

  684. My favorite thing to cook in slow cooker, red beans and rice. It’s so much easier than having to soak them or watch them. I also love the kind of slow cooker where you can brown your meat first.

  685. I would talk my wife into making her unbelievable tasty sweet & sour meatballs. It’s a unique combo of chilli sauce and grape jelly. Always everyone’s favorite at the appetizer table!

  686. Oh how I love my Crock Pot. I’d make pot roast made with Coke.

  687. Yum! It sounds like a lot of us are ready for cool fall weather and big batches of chili! If I win I’d love to make my white chicken chili for my family, and top it off with some delicious roasted hatch chilis! Thank you so much for the giveaway! πŸ™‚

  688. Pulled pork tacos, of course. OR Buffalo Chili! Yum!

  689. Pot Roast Meal: 3 lbs. of a good meat to Pot Roast: I like Rump or you can use Bottom Round, London Broil or Shoulder. 8 fresh whole peeled carrots and 4 whole potatoes sliced in halves with their skins on; one medium onion diced, a minced clove of garlic, a tablespoon of horse radish, 1 cup of beef stock, 1/4 cup of a dark red wine, salt, pepper, a teaspoon of vegetable oil and 1/4 cup of cornstarch.
    In a large frying pan on medium heat place the diced onions and oil and saute for a few minutes. Add the meat and sear on all sides until brown while sprinkling with salt and pepper. Place the browned meat with the browned onions into the slow cooker. Add the beef broth , wine, garlic, peeled carrots, potatoes. Add the horse radish to the top of the meat and rub it in. Cook on high for one hour or less and turn down to low for 5 to 6 hrs. Let meat cool for at least 15 to 20 minutes before slicing. Make a gravy with the cornstarch and the juices. Its nice with some peas and buscits.

  690. I’ll make the Lazy Day Stew.

  691. I would make a delicious mushroom stroganoff soup in this amazing slow-cooker.

  692. Crockpot Mac and Cheese – yum!!!!

  693. Lazy Day Stew

  694. White Bean Chicken Chili and spaghetti sauce!

  695. I would love to win this slow cooker!!! A hearty stew is in my plans…

  696. Really lovin’ your resipes!

  697. (Insert big sigh here) It is finally football season, IΚ»d make a hearty chili and serve it with jalapeno cornbread. BTW – thanks for trying so hard to fix this website. You can see there are still many of us still following you!

    • Thanks for your understanding Kai… isn’t it Murphy’s Law that I have this issue when I’m trying to host a giveaway! πŸ˜‰

  698. I would make my 10 hours slow cooker chilli.

  699. I would make my favorite fall football recipe…white chicken chili…yum! πŸ™‚

  700. Let’s start with dessert and a cherry chocolate dump cake.

  701. Pork bahn mi I love the way it smells when they’re cooking all day. Put on a toasted baguette spread with garlic aioli and shredded carrots, cukecumber and red onion.

  702. I would fix some kind of pot roast in it .

  703. For the Holidays, the family always requests my Spinach Casserole .

  704. There is a great chicken and mixed viggie recipe with biscuits we love in our home!!

  705. I would definitely make Chili first!

  706. I would love to make venison chili, or coq au vin, or jambalaya, or homemade applesauce in a slow cooker, love your posts!

  707. I would love this! Nothing better than crockpot cooking.

  708. Grape Jelly Meatballs…..Yum!!

  709. white chicken chili with fresh roasted chilis….. yumm…

  710. I would love to make my grandmothers chili recipe. It is fantastic after it slowly cooks all day , where the flavors marry. Ummm Good.

  711. Black bean chili would be at the top of my list. Although with fall coming, it’s hard to decide which warm comfort foods what would be best in the slow cooker first!

  712. we would use this for church socials and basketball nights πŸ™‚

  713. I have been without a slow cooker for many years now. Since I have been taking care of my grandson Wyatt, doesn’t leave a lot of time for Granny to cook…Too Tired! So this would really come in handy! Wyatt is going to be 2 in November and for all of you Granny’s and momma’s, you know what I’m saying. πŸ™‚ First dinner I would make would be a good ole roast w/carrots and tators, make gravy out of the liquid. We also love left over roast for good ole roast beef sandwiches!!! Roast is a comfort food, so reminds me of momma. I would be honored if I won the slow cooker…may make a better cook out of me yet…hubby would really like!!! πŸ™‚ Yummmm…just in time for fall.

  714. I have been dying to make bread in the slow cooker so that would be first for sure!!

  715. I would absolutely prepare eggplant meatballs stuffed with mozerella. As always served with marinara sauce. Perfect for vegetarians. My kids don’t know there’s no meat involved. Lots of preparation before it hits the crock pot, but boy is it worth it!

  716. On second thought, maybe I’ll make this!

    blog.williams-sonoma.com/todays-recipe-slow-cooker-coq-au-vin/ πŸ˜‰

  717. Beef Roast with vegetables!

  718. I would make chili verde with either chicken or pork – so many wonderful fresh ingredients available right now for this dish from tomatillos, peppers, onions and fresh garlic. Throw in some fresh corn off the cob, make a cornbread and some fresh tortillas with cojito and that says hearty, fiery Fall at my house! Good luck to everyone, sounds like there’s a bunch of good cooking going on! πŸ™‚

  719. I would make chile and cowboy beans!!

  720. I would love some slow cooked chili!

  721. soups, sauce, pulled pork, easy chicken and hoping to find new recipes!

  722. I live in Florida, but, born and raised in Mass. It’s still quite warm here and will be, probably, till Oct.-Nov. I love to make my Boston baked pork and beans, in the oven, but it’s way too hot to put the oven on, for that length of time, here on the nature coast. All my cooking is done in iron skillets, that are well seasoned (can fry an egg without sticking) and easy clean up. I would love to be able to make my Boston baked beans without heating up the whole house. I know this slow cooker would be the best for this family recipe!

  723. i would make my kids’ favorite…. BBQ pulled pork

  724. greek chicken with quinoa
    would be so excited to have a new crock pot!!!

  725. I would make pot roast, so that I could try out the removable insert to brown the meat….mmmmm… thanks!!

  726. I would make Italian Beef in the slow cooker if I won it!! Yum!!

  727. Green chili chicken enchiladas….so tasty and easy to make!!

  728. I have a slew of tomatillos on the way and Would make a prok loin with tomatillos and cherry tomatoes.

  729. I would probably make cube steak

  730. Wow, I loved reading through the comments, so many yummy recipes! As I left on my FB comment, I live in the mountains of NE PA & nothing warms the heart like a bowl of beef stew. This is the recipe I will be making, with a few tweeks, of course. πŸ™‚ http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/slow-cooker-recipe-classic-beef-stew-10000000614077/ Thank you for your consideration.

  731. Buffalo chicken – like the wings but shredded and ready for sandwiches, dips, pizza and SO much more!

  732. Cheesy ham and mac and cheese with bacon, in the crock! yUM!!!!

    • Sorry, forgot to include my last name above!

  733. Beef stew with carrots and potatoes.

  734. My slow cooker died last winter. This would be perfect! My first meal would be some slow roared short ribs, braised then roasted with wine, garlic, onions, carrots and Celery. They are so tasty!!
    Love your site. Some of my best meals are from your recipes! I live near Mendocino and always enjoy reading your posts about the North Coast!

  735. Smokey Red Chili…love fall and football weather!!!

  736. A pot roast with sweet potatos and carrots…yummm…

  737. Pumpkin stew

  738. Cuban mojo pork

  739. A great pot of chili for tailgating…

  740. Pulled pork

  741. I will make a pot of my famous chicken noodle soup.

  742. This fall weather we are having is just asking for some Chili! πŸ™‚

  743. Itlaian beef sandwiches on crusty bread

  744. I would either make French Dip Sandwiches or a huge pot of chili!

  745. A wonderful pulled pork recipe some friends made for us in their slow cooker (ours just isn’t cutting it anymore).

  746. Mmmmm … I’m thinking a nice chili would be good.

  747. Hatch Green Chile Stew w/ pork shoulder from the Meat Shop in Phoenix….

  748. Laura, I would make BBQ pork sandwiches and have them ready for the football game here at West Point.