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  1. I’d use it faithfully, with promise to make my family healthy and wholesome meals from soups and chilis to delightful desserts. This comes at a perfect time… it’s tine to say good-bye to the crockpot gifted to us for our wedding. It’s put in it’s time!!!

  2. I would make navy bean soup.

  3. as a family of eight I would make smoked turkey legs and Collard green.. then Braised short ribs and saurkraut.. I would corned beef and cabbage with ccarrot and potatoes on the bottom…..

  4. I would prepare a lucious long cooking
    ‘Chili Verde’. I would use all ftesh ingredients and enjoy all of the delicious aromas, as it cooked
    For hours and hours.

  5. Oh there are so many things I would make in this crock pot but the first would probably be a pot roast with carrots and potatoes. Yum.

  6. I would love to make pulled chicken. And vegetable. Soup
    Reminds me of fall.

  7. i would love to win this so i could make my chicken MOLE

  8. If I were to win the allcladcooker, I would make potato soup for all of my students at school because nothing is more comforing during finals than a big bowl of soup. thanks.

  9. My christening dish would be a huge pot of chili. Yum yum yum. And a nice big pan of corn bread to go with it : )

  10. I would make roast beef ang gravy

  11. Martha Stewart’s Savory Harvest Stew. It is loaded with vegtables, lots of fresh fennel and italian sausage too. Yum!

  12. Chili

  13. I would make the chilli.

  14. I’d make a delicious middle eastern lamb stew with the beautiful lamb shoulder in myfreezer. Cumin, garlic, garden tomatoes, gaden peppers, yum I”m hungry.

  15. I would make crock pot lasagna! I was taught old school Italian way to boil noodles, layer all ingredients, bake, let cool, etc. I would love to try it the crock pot way and “Set it and Forget it!!”
    Would make life so much easier.

  16. I would make a pot of ham and bean soup…so good in the fall.

  17. I would make my sister-n-laws chili recipe! Best I’ve ever had.

  18. I was just talking about this soup the other day. Think I would make Simple Slightly Southwestern Slow-cooked Chicken-Vegetable Soup…Have had a taste for it already.

  19. If I were to win the allcladcooker, the first thing I would make is Vegetarian Chile! I am so in the mood for chiles and soups… is fall! Thank you! PeriAnne

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