Easy Homemade Popsicles

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Homemade Popsicles!
Photos by Zoku and Williams-Sonoma
I’ve loved popsicles my whole life!  It’s possible that I love them more than ice cream.  To this day whenever I have a cold, I send my husband out for two “medicinal” remedies…. hot and sour soup and popsicles!  The downside is the commercial packaged popsicles are loaded with sugars, food colorings and other chemicals.  They just aren’t good for you. Yes, there are some “fruit” bars on the market that are a little better but even those aren’t great. I began my quest for ways to make easy homemade popsicles.
The other day I was in my favorite place … Williams-Sonoma… and there it was… a popsicle maker.  I had to have it.  I also had to have the book on display next to it called Pops! by Krystina Castella that featured unbelievably creative recipes!  And everything was so beautiful with whole fruit slices set into clear fruit juices…. or how about frozen cocktail pops like a mai tai or pina colada pop!  Or chocolate dipped pops?  Blueberry cheesecake pop anyone?
Krystina’s website has several wonderful recipes but I encourage you to get the book if you really want to get serious about popsicles!
Great merchandising Williams-Sonoma – you had me at hello!
The machine is called a Zoku.  It’s only $50 and you can freeze six pops in under 10 minutes!  How cool is that?  And it doesn’t need electricity either!  You just put the base in the freezer, pour your fresh juice or yogurt or ice cream (creamsicle pop?) into the base and about 9 minutes later…. voila!
I squealed with delight.  Actually, I’m not kidding…. I really did.  Good-bye food dyes!  Good- -bye fake chemicals and sugars!  Visions of organic fruit bars were dancing in my head.  My 5 year old squealed with delight when I brought it home and explained we could make all our favorite popsicles at home now.  What a fun activity for kids!
We’ll be making our first batch of popsicles later today.  And now I’ve added a popsicle section to this website to feature all of our favorite recipes.  I know it will be full of them in no time so stay tuned . . .
To get your own slice of frozen heaven – visit the Williams-Sonoma website here



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