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Another food blogging friend asked me if I’d checked out this cool new website called I wasn’t familiar with the site so I’m very glad he shared it.  The concept is simple and brilliant.  Foodspotting is an interactive online restaurant guide that allows you to see photos and recommendations of dishes… not just restaurant reviews.  It takes reviews to a whole new level.  It’s so smart, I can’t believe it hasn’t been done before!
“Foodspotters” power the system by signing up and uploading photos of restaurant dishes and locations to the network. The more they engage and nominate dishes in the system, the more credit they get for their expertise.  Restaurant ratings are earned by real customers.  A blue ribbon rating can be elusive as it’s hard to get; which makes it more meaningful.  It’s my belief that this website will encourage restaurant owners and chefs to step up their game.  Seeing a customer taking a photo of their meal should motivate any caring restaurant manager.

Foodspotting can be accessed from your iPhone and used in the largest cities and the smallest villages.  As their website suggests, they want to encourage exploration through food.  Although the last thing I need is another social network to track, this one is very worthwhile for food lovers. I know I’ll be spending a lot of time both snapping photos and surfing through other member’s culinary discoveries.

Go check it out for yourself!

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